Maximal and Minimum Strategies of External Freedom

Achieving external freedom requires, besides having the inner freedom to develop it, having a maximal strategy that deals with the process of consciousness and a minimum strategy that deals with the adaptive actions.

Maximal strategies require being conscious about what is happening. This is a universal aspect of maximal strategies.

All maximal strategies in the real world require consciousness of the functionality of the actions that are being planned or developed.

In this case the building of the maximal strategies of external freedom requires being able to discriminate the actions that are being developed, emulate the solution in the mind and have the necessary ontointelligence to deal with them.

The minimum strategies of external freedom are based on developing the necessary, justified and grounded actions to adapt to the environment.

There are different segments when dealing with external freedom:

1)      Benchmark driven

2)      Rationality driven

3)      Ethics driven

4)      Reflection driven

Diana Belohlavek

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