Managing Power: Avoiding the friction caused by inaction

Work implies producing a displacement of something in the real world. Every displacement generates a friction that needs to be managed.

When two people are doing something in a working environment and one of them produces work and the other is inactive, the friction produced is extremely destructive.

It produces a paradoxical situation because:

1) There is an extreme conflict if the friction is not eliminated.

2) If the parts are “lubricated”, there will be no friction but the person who is inactive will continue doing nothing.

3) The inactive person needs to judge what the other part is doing because that judgment sustains her/his self-esteem.

4) Finally, the one who does the work ends up being judged by the one who cannot do it and the conflict escalates to the maximal level.

Therefore inaction needs to be banned from the business world in order to generate added value. “Opinators” are not welcome and intentions do not count.

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Peter Belohlavek

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