Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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The Unicist Theory of Functionality

The Unicist Theory of Functionality

This is an introduction to the Unicist Theory of Functionality, developed by Peter Belohlavek at The Unicist Research Institute,, that introduced a simplification in the development of solutions in adaptive environments. It allows making a logical approach to the real world, developing the functional structures of solutions and the operational processes to make them happen. […]

Human Time Drivers

Business Strategy: How many actions do you anticipate?

Time management is part of the functionality of ethical intelligence. Ethical intelligence is the “deepest” driver of human intelligence and defines the true intentions of a person. It is the main unconscious driver of human actions. It can only be measured by the consequences of the actions of an individual. Its main characteristic is that […]

Dealing with the Unknown to Manage Crises

We are living in times which not only affects our business and personal lives now but it will also transform the way we do things in the future. The challenge from a business perspective is dealing with the unknown. What impact is this currently having on businesses and how will it impact their future. Unicist […]

The 4th Industrial Revolution requires a Conceptual Mindset

Industrial Revolutions foster and establish dominant mindsets to fulfill their purposes. A conceptual mindset is necessary to deal with the possibilities opened by the 4th Industrial Revolution in order to manage the unified field of business processes.

Introduction to the Unicist Unified Field Method

The unicist unified field method was developed to define what is possible to be achieved when dealing with specific adaptive systems or environments. The objective of this method is to define the framework for solution building processes. This method provides the necessary information that ensures the possibility of developing reliable maximal strategies to grow and […]

Future Scenarios are based on Unicist Logical Inferences

The unicist approach to future research uses logical inferences based on the unicist double dialectical logic that was developed based on the discovery of the unicist ontogenetic intelligence of nature that regulates its evolution. These developments began in the 80’s and were led by Peter Belohlavek at The Unicist Research Institute. It was a step […]

Unicist Strategy: An Emulation of Nature

The unicist strategy emulates the intelligence of nature by developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure survival. This strategy manages the root causes of processes to build catalysts to accelerate business functions. It uses unicist binary actions (DDAs) and objects to ensure the generation of value in complex adaptive environments. The discovery […]

The Basics of Unicist Binary Actions (DDAs)

Double Dialectical Behavior is natural and “automatic” in any complex adaptive system. The discovery of the structure of the concepts that underlies these systems allowed understanding how these double dialectical actions drive the evolution of these systems. Examples of unicist binary actions: The actions of living beings deal with growth – survival The actions of […]

Facileness, the driver of Business Failures

The Unicist Research Institute researched 50 cases of startups in the US to define which were the root causes of their failures and how they could have been avoided. What was demonstrated is that the fundamentals of the business were mismanaged in all failures. Avoiding fundamentals is a core characteristic of facileness.

Institutional Therapeutics to solve Structural Business Problems

Institutional Therapeutics is based on the Unicist Standard and is oriented to all those who are responsible for the increase of companies value, their growth and profitability using the necessary innovation to make this possible. Medical practice has two different languages that are used by the physician: on the one hand, one to communicate with […]

Time Management and Time Drivers

Time is defined as the part of the lifecycle elapsed between facts. It is considered a functional measurement of actions. Chronological time is a conventional factual measure of lifecycles. The same chronological time has different meanings according to the length of the lifecycle of the participants of an event.

Speed defines success in the business world

Speed is the basic condition for the success of artists, professionals or companies. The technological development, among other factors, made speed a central issue in business. Power, considered from the Physics point of view and regarded as a universal concept, is defined by the quantity of work that is done in a unit of time.

Psychopaths drive their environments towards involution

Psychopaths in leadership drive cultures, institutions, businesses and their members towards involution in order to prevail.

The Unicist Logical Approach to Strategy to make Businesses Grow

The unicist logical approach to strategy is based on managing businesses as adaptive systems. It implies using the unicist logic to define the dynamic of a business including the restricted and wide scenario in order to forecast the natural evolution and what can be done to influence it.

The world is built by doers and enjoyed by followers

We invite you to download this free e-book on the “Ethic of Doers” which is sponsored by the Unicist Goodwill Network. Doers are individuals who make things happen. Therefore, more than ever before, it is time for doers in the world. The joy of doers is in the deed itself.

Unicist Object Driven Business Strategy

The Unicist Strategic approach is based on the emulation of nature. The emulation of the organization of nature allowed discovering the DNA of organizations that is defined by the unicist ontogenetic maps of their functions and is materialized in the implementation of object driven business processes. These researches allowed developing the Unicist Object Driven Business Strategy.

Maximal and Minimum Strategies of External Freedom

Achieving external freedom requires, besides having the inner freedom to develop it, having a maximal strategy that deals with the process of consciousness and a minimum strategy that deals with the adaptive actions. Maximal strategies require being conscious about what is happening. This is a universal aspect of maximal strategies.

Enterprise archetypes drive the basics of business attitudes

Archetypes define the essential behavior of cultures. Enterprise archetypes define the standards of normality that are applicable in a business. Four archetypes have been discovered that guide the spontaneous behavior of the members of a business: Non-influential participants, influential participants, number 1 and innovators.

Aesthetics is the main driver towards successful businesses

Aesthetics is the core of any relationship. But when talking about aesthetics, the focus is not on an apparent external beauty, but on the nature of what allows building a bridge with others. Aesthetics is based on completing others’ needs and implies being desirable and building relationships in a harmonic way. What is aesthetic is followed.

Business expansion: A sophisticated 3-cushion billiard game

Business expansion requires necessarily “going beyond” the boundaries of an activity. But in fact no one can truly go beyond his boundaries. It is like expecting someone to be able to jump over her/his own shadow. What people can do is expanding the boundaries based on introducing additional added value to deliver to the environment.

Conceptual Management – A Logical Approach to Businesses

The conceptual approach to business requires that people need to know “why” something is happening. This is unnecessary at an operational level, but is a basic question when dealing with strategic approaches. The “know why” is driven by a logical approach to businesses that allows managing their concepts making them reasonable, understandable and provable.

The Unicist Approach to build Start Up Businesses

There are two extremely different entrepreneurial projects: the “solopreneurs” and the start-up businesses.

Logical Management Tools: Unicist Quality Assurance Design

The Quality Assurance concept implies that in the activity, which must bring about an added value, there is a Redundant Functionality and a Self-exclusion System within a framework of a Redundant Operational Method. In order for knowledge to be certain, the basis for the use to produce elements, it is necessary to have been ‘redundant” from different objective perspectives, be clear as to the scope of such knowledge (think and say “I don’t know” is to have a self-exclusion system that promotes certainty of what one knows), and count on a method that permits reaching a certain knowledge as of different points of view.

The solitude for actions, for change and power

Solitude has different functionalities depending on the situation of a context. The leader’s final price to be paid is having an absolute solitude of power. Leaders can share, listen, discuss or participate in any way but, at the end, those who have full responsibility for results, are alone. They have to make a decision that has to work.

Understanding inner freedom to empower personal development

Inner freedom is the capacity of individuals to assume the responsibility they have, making conscious adapted decisions. Inner freedom can be earned by those individuals who are able to assume the responsibility for their adapted actions in an environment being able to leave aside their own needs when making decisions.

Social Networks as Adaptive Collaborative Contexts

A virtual collaborative context fosters the development of pastime and professional activities. This is the case of Social Networks which, depending on the segment they belong to, establish the context for commercial actions. Social Networks are paradigmatic environments of the Era of Participation. They are used by people in order to demonstrate themselves and to others that they are part of the world.

The Factor Zero in Human Behavior: The power of nil

The Factor “Zero” is an anti-concept that destroys any adaptive system. It establishes the groundings for inaction, annulment or destruction.

The New Era in Businesses: The Unicist Logical Approach

The unicist logical approach discovered and developed at The Unicist Research Institute provided a logic to deal with the dynamics of adaptive environments and made the emulation of the organization of nature possible. The approach is simple, it only requires managing the concept of what is being done. Concepts are homologous to the stem cells of living beings and define what is possible to be achieved.

Our best wishes for 2014: Happy New Year!

“Cooperation in Diversity” is much more than our motto. It is a way of living.

The Unicist Logical Approach: Going beyond empirical approaches

The unicist logical approach allowed defining the potential possibilities of a business. The discovery of the logical structures (named ontogenetic maps) that underlie the nature of individual, institutional and cultural behavior allowed modeling the adaptive aspects of reality. The unicist logical approach uses these structures to emulate the dynamics of businesses based on their models.

The Unicist Strategic Paradigm

“There are no strategies but strategists”, because strategies begin to exist in the mind of the strategist. Without the possibility of emulation of a reality in the mind of the strategist there is no possibility of strategy building. Therefore strategies are conscious processes that need to integrate maximal strategies, what we have called value adding approaches, to expand the boundaries of an activity, with minimum strategies to survive.

The Double Dialectical Logic is Needed to Build Strategies

The unicist strategy is a conscious planning process to achieve possible goals developing maximal strategies to expand one’s boundaries and minimum strategies to ensure survival. It integrates expansive and defensive strategies as a unit. The unicist double dialectical approach allows defining interdependent strategies that permit achieving the goal of growing in adaptive environments.

The Unicist Logical Approach for undergraduate students

As part of the goal to provide opportunities to young people, the Unicist Club organizes the Unicist Dissemination Centers to give access to the Unicist Logical Approach and the Unicist Double Dialectical Logic to undergraduate students around the world. UDCs are basically in charge of voluntary undergraduate students who are included in an “Equal opportunities” program developed by the Unicist Goodwill Network.

Launching of the Object Driven Organization Spin-offs

The campaign to introduce worldwide the Object Driven Organization technologies will be launched on March 4, 2013

Why use the Unicist Double Dialectical Logic?

Unicist thinking allows emulating in mind the structure of adaptive aspects of reality in order to manage them.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Unicist Thinking applied to Businesses

Unicist thinking allows defining the nature of reality in a reasonable and provable way.

What are Unicist Spin-offs about?

The spin-offs are based on the transfer of unicist fundamental technologies.

Become an intuitive user of the Unicist Approach

The intuitive approach for personal use was developed to expand the boundaries of individuals and to empower their influence in the environment.

Functionality of Intuition and Anti-intuition

Dealing with strategies at a personal or institutional level requires approaching reality which necessarily includes the use of intuition. But it has to be considered that intuition and anti-intuition are extremely alike and only can be separated when it is too late and the results are on the table.

Benefits of the Unicist Approach for Personal Use

The use of the unicist approach increases the level of consciousness in decision making.

The unicist approach changed business strategic approaches

The unicist approach to business strategy integrated maximal strategies, which go beyond the boundaries of a business, with minimum strategies, which are within the boundaries.

The Unicist Unified Field of Businesses

The Unicist Unified Field of Businesses

Reflection on Value Adding vs. Zero Sum strategies

This is Peter Belohlavek’s input to reflection on approaching reality with value adding or zero sum strategies organized by the Unicist Goodwill Network.

The Unicist Approach to Businesses: Plans A, B, C and D

The Unicist Approach to Businesses: Plans A, B, C and D

2012, the Year of the Possible

The Unicist Research Institute promotes: 2012, the year of the “Possible”.

The Unicist Approach: Making things Possible

The Unicist Approach: Making things Possible

The Four Pillars of the Unicist Approach

The Four Pillars of the Unicist Approach

Tweetinar: The Ontogenetic Map (DNA) of Leadership on 9.27.11

On September 27 at 4:00 pm New York time there will be a Unicist Tweetinar on The Ontogenetic Map of Leadership (DNA) led by Diana Belohlavek.

Invitation: Tweetinar on Object Driven Organization on 9.13.11

On September 13 at 4:00 pm New York time there will be a Unicist Tweetinar on Object Driven Organization led by Peter Belohlavek.

Invitation: Tweetinar on Talent Development on 8.30.11

On August 30 at 4:00 pm New York time there will be a Unicist Tweetinar on Unicist Business Talent Development led by Peter Belohlavek.

Invitation to the Tweetinar on Business Objects on 8.16.11

On August 16 at 4:00 pm New York time there will be a Unicist Tweetinar on Unicist Business Objects Design led by Peter Belohlavek. Register at: www.twitter.com/tweetinar_en

Business Modeling: Using questions and answers in business

Managing questions makes the introjection of the needs of the market possible; managing answers implies projecting one’s decisions.

Business Architecture: Tweetinar on Back2Back Design

A unicist ontological design of a given reality requires the knowledge of the involved concepts. Therefore, the discovery of conceptual structures precedes the design activity.

Complexity Science: Tweetinar on Unicist Diagnostics

Etymologically, diagnosis means discerning, distinguishing. The everyday use of the word also implies seeking for the causes of a problem.

Complexity Sciences: Tweetinar on Object Driven Marketing

The more ethical the buying process is, the less legitimate the influence on buyers. The more massive the buying process, the less it is influenced by rationality.

Unicist Tweetinar: Unicist Object Driven Marketing Mix

This Tweetinar (June 28, 2010) by Peter Belohlavek will give you access to the unicist methodology for Complexity Sciences to deal with Marketing Mix as a paradigmatic case of an adaptive system.

Wisdom is a pathway with many masters

Wisdom can be defined as the capacity of an individual to integrate idealism and realism with value adding actions.

Unicist Tweetinar on Unicist Object driven Strategy

The human approach to strategy is defined as the conscious planning of human beings to influence the environment when such environment is uncertain, risky, complex or conflictive.

Metaphor: Unicist Corporate Universities

The cost of education is given by teaching; its value is given by learning. Teaching has no value. Learning has no cost. But both of them are within education.

Questions are needed to manage adaptive systems

Adaptive systems are in permanent motion. Therefore the knowledge of their nature is necessary in order to establish fixed points to influence them.

Unicist Tweetinar on market micro-segmentation

Micro-segmentation is the pathway to exert influence on real clients. It is based on the discovery of the unicist ontological market segmentation.

35th Anniversary of The Unicist Research Institute

June 1976 was the beginning of the research of evolution in the field of complexity science. It was focused on approaching the nature of reality which required an ontological approach.

Unicist Tweetinar: the use of unicist business objects

The use of ontology based business objects allows inserting them into work processes to increase their added value and reduce their costs.

Unicist Ontological Object Driven Brand Building

The purpose of unicist brand-building is to develop business catalysts. Catalysts are process accelerators. Brands are a natural catalyst for market growth.

Unicist Ontology of the internal speed for decision making

Decisions have been made when they have been implemented. Before their implementation they are just hypothetical wishes.

Unicist Tweetinar on Unicist Business Objects Building

The Unicist Standard for business objects building defines the norms that business objects have to fulfill to generate results.

Operational aspects of the Unicist Tweetinar: May 17, 2011

The Tweetinar on “Unicist Ontologies applied to Businesses” will be developed on http://twitter.com/uniciststandard from 5:00 to 6:30 pm New York Time.

Unicist ontology to make computers work in education

The objective of education is to provide the necessary knowledge to adapt to reality and to work.

The use of Twitter in the marketing of products

Social networks produce a specific market segmentation that needs to be respected in order to work.

Unicist Research Framework for Human Adaptive Systems

In order to do research on concepts one must have a conscious experience in the field under study. It is only with this experience that hypothesis can be developed.

The Unicist Ontogenetic Algorithm of Universal Strategy

Universal strategy is defined as the conscious action to influence an environment to achieve an objective.

The context of business strategy building

A strategy is necessarily driven by the future. The end of the conflict has to be envisioned in order to be able to develop a strategy.

I wish you an excellent and talented 2011

The coming of a new year is a good moment to look at oneself in the mirror of actions and results and seize the talents one has.

Discover the Magic of “Doing” the New Year…

Click here to download your present. Happy New Year!!

Why is unicist thinking necessary for strategy building?

The discovery of the Unicist thinking mind model explained what is necessary to develop strategies and why individuals need to have a conscious approach.

How does a Unicist Object Driven Strategy work?

The Unicist Standard for Strategy structures both maximal strategies, to expand the boundaries of the activity, and minimum strategies to ensure survival.

Unicist Standard: How Power Centered Organizations work

Power centered organizations need to be based on extremely solid groundings in order to be successful.

Development of the Unicist and the Integrative Logics

The discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature made the discovery of human double dialectical thinking possible. This allowed the development of the unicist logic.

Unicist Business Therapeutics for Strategy Building

The discovery of business viruses, business hackers, who install the viruses, and the institutional immune systems was made by Peter Belohlavek.

Lecture on Ethical Intelligence for Strategy Building

We invite you to organize a lecture on Ethical Intelligence in Business led by Diana Belohlavek. It will change the view of efficacy in leadership.

Alliances of the Corporate University with Business Schools

From today on Diana Belohlavek will be managing the alliances of The Unicist Corporate University with Business Schools worldwide.

Unicist Ethics: the ethics for personal and business growth

Doers need to assume the responsibility of what is possible to be done.

Unicist Innovation Marketing: developing influence

Introducing an innovation requires having a high level of influence.

Unicist CRM: The power of unicist ontological taxonomies

The power of the Unicist CRM is given by the use of taxonomic driven action plans to develop businesses.

A fact is worth a million words

When what is said is consistent with what is done, communication is perfect.

Subjectivism is the key to fallacious self-esteem

People that are strongly influenced by individual complexes need to develop a personal subjectivist approach to feel in a comfort zone.

Frequently asked questions on the Unicist Standard

The Unicist Standard (US) provides taxonomic methods to approach human adaptive systems integrating the fundamental and technical analytical approach.

Unicist Standard Language to Model Adaptive Systems

The Unicist Standard Language (USL) is a logical language to model the nature of adaptive systems.

Presentation of the Global Unicist Study Groups

The Unicist Study Groups are a technology transfer program for personal use to help participants with their learning of the Unicist Object Driven Technologies.

Inauguration of the Equaphon Unicist Corporate University

Equaphon is pleased to give access to the technologies included in the Unicist Standard of The Unicist Research Institute.

Unicist Standard: Hypocrisy is a synergy killer

Hypocrisy can be defined as “insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have”.

Launching of an Academic Alliance for COOs in Healthcare

An Academic Alliance agreement has been closed with the Weston Group to provide Unicist Strategic Diagnostics Programs for COOs of Hospitals and Clinics.

April, 22 – Celebration of Earth Day

Today we invite you to celebrate Earth Day, a celebration that was instituted 40 years ago.

Reliable Knowledge is the Unicist Standard in Diagnostics

Businesses are an example of adaptive systems and require dealing with their integrity in order to influence them to achieve objectives.

Using the Unicist Standard to deal with Adaptive Systems

A problem is complex if it implies a situation that cannot be dominated and someone assumed the responsibility to solve it.

Think Green: Access the use of Unicist Business Objects

Thinking Green implies a “unicist object driven ecological thinking” to expand businesses while saving energy.

Managing Power: Avoiding the friction caused by inaction

Work implies producing a displacement of something in the real world. Every displacement generates a friction that needs to be managed.

Launching of Unicist Archetypes: The Power of Nations

The Power of Nations is the most demystifying applicative discovery of Peter Belohlavek, demonstrating that the power depends on the work they produce.

The Power of Nations is defined by their Unicist Archetypes

Country archetypes emulate the functionality of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature and evolve following the rules of the Unicist Theory of Evolution.

The Power of Businesses is based on their Archetypes

Institutional archetypes emulate the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature and evolve according to the Unicist Theory of Evolution.

Corporate Universities to expand business boundaries

The objective of the ABB Knowledge Center in Argentina was to expand the boundaries of the business.

Learning from Procter & Gamble using the Unicist Standard

The notorious capacity of Procter & Gamble is given by the way it manages the social insertion of innovations.

Understanding Cultures: The Archetype of China

The archetype of China is a unique case of a culture that has the capacity to grow based on the internal consistency of its model.

The end of the war between Power, Religion and Science?

There is a natural cold war between Power, Religion and Science. Power sustains authority, Religion sustains the Truth and Science unveils reality.

We invite you to toast tomorrow at 5:00 pm Houston time

Tomorrow, March 30, 2010, the official inauguration of the Weston Group’s Unicist Corporate University will take place at 5:00 pm Houston time.

Benchmarking Procter & Gamble: Unicist Innovation

Procter & Gamble is a world leader in innovation. This allows learning from P&G how to manage innovation to make it successful in the markets.

Unicist Future Research: The Archetype of China

We invite you to apprehend the nature of China’s archetype. But consider that it is necessary to avoid comparisons with other cultures.

Unicist Future Research: The elite in stagnated countries

Stagnated countries are those that cannot evolve with the necessary speed to adapt to the global world.

The Unicist Standard needs to be a Rolls-Royce

Benchmarking Rolls-Royce is necessary for all those products or activities that need to be perfect and considered as prestigious by the community.

Launching of Free book: Unicist Theory of Evolution for All

On April 13, 2010 the book “Unicist Theory of Evolution for all” by Peter Belohlavek will be presented with its applicative researches worldwide.

The Unicist Fundamentals of Mozilla

A Navigator on the Internet is an object that substitutes the individual that navigates a ship or airplane to position the user in the World Wide Web.

Benchmarking Unilever: Unicist Object Driven Leadership

The Unicist Standard in leadership deals with Object Driven Leadership that allows leading without needing to exert power but in extreme chaotic situations.

Are you willing to manage the nature of businesses?

The Unicist Standard is an object driven technological approach that allows emulating the nature of businesses.

Pricing of the Unicist Object Driven Technologies

The Unicist Technologies integrated in the Unicist Standard are available worldwide to develop diagnoses, forecasts, strategies and organizational design.

General Electric, a world leader in innovation

The unicist standard for business strategy allows defining the fundamentals of General Electric’s business in order to benchmark its experiences.

Benchmarking: Is the Unicist Standard a Rolls-Royce?

Last week, TURI’s Marketing Manager said “…the Unicist Standard is a Rolls-Royce car” provoking a harsh response of a Unicist Business Search Engine user.

Benchmarking Mozilla: grasping unicist fundamentals

Listening to the lecture of John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, you will access the core fundamental of Mozilla’s success.

Unicist Family Business Strategies – The Unicist Standard

Business-driven family companies and family-driven companies are highly conditioned by the family archetype of each culture.

Benchmarking General Electric: The Nature of Innovation

The Unicist Standard in Innovation Management deals with the object driven technologies that are necessary to manage innovations.

Unicist Strategy is approached as a medical residency

Learning Unicist Strategy requires facing real problems to develop real solutions. That is why this program is analogous to a medical residency.

Authoritarian Business Governance: The Unicist Approach

There are people who need to control things and cannot deal with divergent positions. In this case a company can only grow in low-cost/ low-value markets.

Negotiations are wars in peace

A negotiation is implicitly a war with no material weapons. The unicist ontology of negotiations was discovered by Peter Belohlavek

Aesthetics is the core of Steve Jobs’ business approach

[steve-jobs] Apple’s success is based on the capacity of perceiving the latent needs of the market and delivering original innovative solutions.

Unicist Object Driven Learning

The Unicist Standard in Object Driven Learning fosters the conscious approach to better adapt to the environment by increasing the added value delivered.

Questions on the Unicist Standard in Education

You can access the frequently asked questions made by newcomers when they notice both the breakthrough and the simplicity of the Unicist Standard.

Natural Laws of Marginality: The Unicist Standard

All what is unexpected is marginal. Market marginality is given by all the aspects that do not respect its rules.

Learning from Steve Jobs: Apple’s fundamentals

Listening to the lecture of Steve Jobs you will access the information you need to understand the core fundamental of Apple’s success.

Diana Belohlavek: Unicist Object Driven Leadership

We invite you to enter into the world of institutionalized leadership organizing a lecture of Diana Belohlavek on the Unicist Standard.

Presentation of the Unicist Standard in Education

The Unicist Standard in Education began with the use of reflection (action-reflection-action) to approach learning in the field of complex problems. It uses the unicist ontology of learning to emulate the structure of nature.

Dealing with the nature of businesses

Learning to deal with the nature of businesses requires going beyond the facts in order to be able to apprehend the underlying concepts.

Unicist Thinking / Human action is driven by fundamentals

There is a huge difference between action and movement. Action implies functional movements to achieve results. But movements are not necessarily functional. Actions must follow the synchronicity of the actual reality.

Unicist Thinking an In Company Lecture / Seminar / Clinic

Unicist Thinking made the emulation of the evolution of nature possible. This discovery changed the paradigm of strategy building in the social, institutional and personal field.

Unicist Business Talent Development – The paradox of “gifted minds”

A gifted person has superior functional intelligences.
That means that the individual’s intelligences are:
a) functional to a specific value generating process
b) superior than average people’s.
The paradox is that when gifted people work in an environment where their functional intelligences are irrelevant, they naturally enter in a superiority complex creating a parallel reality to sustain their dominating position. This generates lack of value generation and endless power games promoted by the person who needs to sustain a dominating role.

Doer’s Ethics – A Unicist Ecumenical Approach

In Christianity and in other religions individuals may commit two types of sins:
sins of commission and sins of omission.
Doers necessarily commit both sins. They commit the sin of omnipotence when they try to do what belongs to “God’s territory” and the sin of omission when they do not do what they could have done because they considered that it belongs to “God’s territory”.

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