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Functionalist Approach

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Adopt Cobots in Strategy Building Processes

The unicist functionalist technology for strategy building is based on the use of the conceptual structure of businesses and the processes involved to ensure their functionality based on the possibilities that were defined in the business intelligence and scenario building processes that precede the strategy building.

The use of unicist logical inferences based on the data of indicators and predictors of business functions is done automatically and monitored by the participants in the strategy building processes.

The core differentiation of a cobotized strategy building process is that the design of strategies is based on intelligent logical inferences that allow building the structure of strategies where the binary actions, that transform fundamentals into actions, take place.

The major benefit of this approach is that it allows developing segmented strategies based on the characteristics of the different products and services to increase the influence on the market to foster growth and automate the use of binary actions.

The binary actions use catalysts to expand the possibilities for growth while they ensure the results that need to be achieved.

These binary actions include the use of business objects to generate results, save costs and ensure the quality of the processes.

Strategy Building Cobots include the management of three aspects:

1) Business Intelligence / Scenario Building

2) Competitive Strategy

3) Business Strategy

Business intelligence and scenario building are used to define possibilities, competitive strategy is used to differentiated value propositions, and business strategy is used to add value.

Unicist Strategy Cobots include the monitoring of strategies to learn from the feedback and ensure that human decisions are included when it is required.


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Search, Compare & Test it The Use of Binary Actions
Search, Compare & Test it The Use of Binary Actions