A fact is worth a million words

When what is said is consistent with what is done, communication is perfect.

Factual language is used to reflect facts and facts are only such if they are not interpreted. When they are interpreted, instead of being apprehended in their functionality, they are no longer facts.

Factual language is a meta-language. It is the most powerful language. But the communication of facts requires words, and words might be changed by projections, interpretations and distortive perceptions.

If factual language is consistent, these changes do not generate misinformation in the long run. But diplomatic language is necessary to ensure the meaning of words and avoid communication problems in the meantime.

Factual language has a limit the necessity to “believe to see”. Only facts that are believed to have the possibility of existence ca be seen. The affirmation of “see to believe” is repeated by those that are blind to facts because they suffer intrinsic distrust.

Free access to abstract on “Unicist Ontology of Language”:

Diana Belohlavek
VP Knowledge Management
& Communication

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