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Aesthetics is the main driver towards successful businesses

Aesthetics is the core of any relationship. But when talking about aesthetics, the focus is not on an apparent external beauty, but on the nature of what allows building a bridge with others. Aesthetics is based on completing others’ needs and implies being desirable and building relationships in a harmonic way. What is aesthetic is followed.

AestheticsThe essential ontology of aesthetics is defined by the integration of a completing capacity with an inaccessibility of certain aspects of an object in order to produce expansion.

This can be seen in nature (flowers, birds) and is just a demonstration that aesthetics is a basic function of living beings and their deeds.

Completing implies satisfying someone’s true needs which is the purpose of aesthetics.

Inaccessibility implies that aesthetics of an object/subject includes necessarily some inexpugnable aspects that are extremely difficult to be accessed.

If someone’s aesthetics is shown through its inaccessible aspects it will produce rejection because it is evident they will not be shared. But if the first aspect is to approach people to complete their needs, the inaccessible aspects will be considered as a price.

Inaccessibility is a hygienic attribute which means it has to be there, but, being there, it will only be considered as part of the complete aesthetics of something but not as a differentiated value.

Aesthetics can only be measured based on the reaction of the environment. When something is aesthetic, it is necessarily desired, wanted and followed.

Diana Belohlavek

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