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Business Architecture: Tweetinar on Back2Back Design

The history of the “Unicist Extreme Design” taxonomical research began in the early eighties. This methodology does not apply to artistic design.

A unicist ontological design of a given reality requires the knowledge of the involved concepts. Therefore, the discovery of conceptual structures precedes the design activity.

It took many years to research the conceptual structures of most of the objects related to human activity. Now, with the available conceptual knowledge bank, the design of complex solutions has been made possible without needing to research while designing.

The major problems of human designs are their incompatibility with the nature of the objects being designed.

When designing solutions, there is usually insufficient time to research the concepts involved. To solve this problem, the operational function of the object is usually considered as representative of its concept. This solution is very practical but insufficient when designing differentiated objects.

The knowledge of concepts is unnecessary when designing objects ruled by common sense (conventional wisdom).

This technology was named Unicist XD – Extreme Design – because of its homologous relation with the XP – Extreme Programming – technology.

Values underlying the Unicist XD:

Confidence and self-Confidence

The questions that will be answered during the Unicist Tweetinar are:

  1. What is a Back2Back methodology?
  2. When is it necessary and when is it unnecessary?
  3. Why is it needed to have the knowledge of the concept that underlies the problem being solved?
  4. How do people need to be trained to work Back2Back?
  5. How does the “idea of the concept”, starting point of the methodology, looks like?
  6. Which environments are incompatible with this methodology?
  7. How does the real-time design process works?

Access or request a Unicist Tweetinar on this subject at:

We invite you to be our guest at the Unicist Library to learn about “Hyperrealism in Business”: http://www.unicist.com

Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is a pioneer in complexity science research. More than 4,000 ontological researches were developed since 1976 until July 2011 in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution, including the development of ontology based and business object driven solutions for businesses.