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Unicist Ontological Object Driven Brand Building

The purpose of unicist brand-building is to develop business catalysts. Catalysts are process accelerators. Brands are a natural catalyst for market growth. At the same time, business objects can be used to catalyze the building of brands.

It is necessary to have apprehended the nature of a business and its necessary brand in order to be able to build objects to accelerate brand building. Apprehending the nature implies knowing the ontology of a business and its necessary brand.

The ontology of brands can be defined integrating the purpose, which is the building of goodwill, with the product brand and the institutional image.

Goodwill is a “subjective value” of something that exceeds the “objective value”.  Goodwill is measured in money.

Products are naturally the active function of brand building and the institutional image is the energy conservation function. If one of them fails, brand generate negative goodwill.

It has to be considered that business objects are adaptive systems developed to produce a predefined result. They emulate the organization of nature. E. g. a tree is an object. Individuals will have accelerated evolution if they can move trees from one environment to another. Brand building is accelerated if the adequate objects are used.

Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the major research organization in the world in its specialty based on more than 3,500 researches in complexity science, developed since 1976 until September 2010,  applied to individual, institutional and social evolution. The applicative researches are based on the discovery of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature and the consequent Unicist Ontology of Evolution.