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Unicist Tweetinar on Unicist Business Objects Building

The Unicist Standard for business objects building defines the norms that business objects have to fulfill to generate results.

Extreme design, the use of unicist modeling and the structure of the ontology of objects allow building unicist business objects.

Unicist business objects (UBO) are encapsulated adaptive systems that produce predefined results that can be inserted in work processes to increase productivity and quality and to save energy.

Classification of objects based on their use

Drivers: they are objects that produce results within work processes.

Catalysts: they are objects that are designed to accelerate drivers, tasks or processes.

Entropy inhibitors: Their role is to minimize the entropy of processes and results.

Inhibitors: They are objects to inhibit anti-conceptual actions in processes.

Gravitational objects: They are objects that generate an influential context that promotes the need of the results provided by tasks, objects or processes.

Objects do not substitute people’s responsibility, they provide a safer, faster and energy saving solution to be installed in work processes.

That is why objects can only be installed in organizations where the leaders assumed the responsibility for the results produced by the processes they manage.

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Diego Belohlavek
Expert System Manager

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