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General Electric, a world leader in innovation

As Nikola Tesla laid the groundings for “Innovative Research Laboratories”, Thomas A. Edison laid the groundings for “Product Development Laboratories.”

The unicist standard for business strategy allows defining the fundamentals of General Electric’s business in order to benchmark its experiences.

General Electric was born together with the “Product Development Laboratories” of Thomas A. Edison. Thus General Electric’s business concept is driven by research in all the fields where it considers there is a possibility to generate added value to the market.

In the development of innovations, the minimum strategy drives toward the building of social capital. This is the central fundamental of General Electric and it is sustained by the diversified “Product Development Laboratories” they have around the world.

General Electric is a leading firm in the different fields it works because, besides being extremely innovative, it is Market Value Adding focused.

Being focused on market value adding allows developing useful researches and strengthening the market bonds by improving the social capital in the environment.

The structural approach to innovations developed by General Electric is an “extreme” benchmark for innovative businesses.

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Unicist Knowledge Bank

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