Unicist Talent Development: Seizing your talents, recognizing your nature

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The unicist approach to talent development implies understanding the nature of ones talents so as to reach the most effective path to develop them.

Everybody has a talent. For some people it is easier to get aware of them than for others.

Talents are discovered when people ACT in their environment. Talents are perceived through the difference compared to others. When individuals use their talents they are perceived as:

1) Focused: Talent implies the “alignment or neural circuits” to achieve a goal.
2) Natural: When a talent has been trained, it flows naturally in its field of action.
3) Credible: People who use their talents are consistent and therefore credible.
4) Convinced: When adults use their talents they are sure about what they are doing.
5) Self-criticism: The most notorious characteristic of talent is the implicit capacity for self-criticism. Self-criticism is what fosters personal improvement and implicitly develops one’s talents.

Only when goals are achieved talents can be recognized as such. These achievements are not necessarily contemporaneous with the action. Just think about some examples on this matter: nobody doubts that Van Gogh and Nikola Tesla were talented. But when the talent largely exceeds the existing paradigms, individuals are marginalized by the environment.

Working on talent development implies the recognition of the starting point and rediscovering everyday the goals that have been achieved. “We are all talented, but the key to believe in our talents and make good use of them.”
Talented people are ahead of those who are not driven by their talents.

Paradoxically, on one hand the use of talents provides personal security and, on the other hand, it fosters the freedom to grow. The use of talents develops a secure environment for the individual and therefore the individual seeks for new boundaries.

Developing your talents means seizing your own nature, with the benefits of profiting from it and the costs implicit in your search for complements. Talents are such because there are recognized in the adding of value in the environment.

Seizing your talents means defining new boundaries to make a difference.

Diana Belohlavek

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