In-House Clinics on The Unicist Evolutionary Approach

For Growth, Profitability and Sustainability

The 4th Industrial Revolution fostered adaptiveness and customer orientation in businesses. It made Industry 4.0, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence possible, but it required managing the root causes of business functions and processes to ensure their full reliability.

The In-House Clinics on the unicist evolutionary approach give access to the approach that allows taking advantage of the resources of the 4th Industrial Revolution. They are a collaborative space where a real case is analyzed to make the new stage reasonable, understandable and predictable.

Unicist Evolutionary Approach

The development of the Unicist Evolutionary approach was led by Peter Belohlavek at The Unicist Research Institute. It is a fundamentals-based framework to manage the root causes of businesses to increase their adaptability, their speed of growth and to improve their profitability in an environment of customer orientation and sustainability.

It uses the fundamentals of business processes, expert-tools and unicist artificial intelligence. This development was based on the researches, developed since 1976, on the fundamentals of social and business functions and processes.

These researches, which are still ongoing, allowed managing their root causes and made businesses reasonable, understandable and predictable.

The unicist evolutionary approach was developed based on the resources of the 4th industrial revolution to provide a simple way to foster business expansion of companies whatever their size and minimize the failure rate of startups.

This approach is an evident framework that ensures business growth, profitability and sustainability.

The Six Pillars of the Unicist Evolutionary Approach

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach is based on 6 pillars that provide the operational approach to foster growth, profitability and sustainability using the technologies available in the 4th Industrial Revolution. They are:

  1. The Use of Catalysts: to accelerate processes.
  2. The Unified Field Management: to manage the unified field of business processes.
  3. Unicist Strategy: to develop maximal and minimum strategies to grow and ensure results.
  4. Business Objects: to accelerate business processes and ensure results by using business objects.
  5. Unicist Conceptual Design: to define the architecture of solutions.
  6. Unicist Pilot Testing: to develop pilot tests to ensure results and find the root causes of problems.

Unicist Reflection driven Education

Reflection driven education was developed to learn to deal with adaptive environments by managing the concepts that underlie adaptive systems.

Unicist Reflection driven Education

The main application field in business deals with the management of businesses as adaptive systems. Theory-practice is dysfunctional to learn to manage adaptive environments.

The main application field in business deals with the management of businesses as adaptive systems. Theory-practice is dysfunctional to learn to manage adaptive environments.

This learning process in adaptive environments requires the use of unicist reflection, which is a pilot tests driven reflection process, to be able to emulate solutions in mind in order to make them happen in the real world.

Unicist Reflection Driven Education was developed to learn to manage the adaptive aspects of reality where the results can be measured.

Characteristics of the In-House Clinic

This clinic gives access to the technology to manage unicist business strategies based on the development of a real solution where the development of maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results can be experienced.  

  • Real case solution building
  • Between 1 and 21 participants
  • 4-Hour clinic: It is a live virtual activity


Diana Belohlavek or other Chief Residents coordinate these Clinics. She is the coordinator of the participating Chief Residents.

The Unicist Corporate University

The Unicist Corporate University is the academic arm of The Unicist Research Institute, a world leading research organization specialized in complexity sciences and the development of intelligent technologies to manage adaptive environments.

The UCU provides unicist strategic approaches to businesses, based on managing the concepts of business functions. It introduces the “Industry 4.0” concept and monetization in businesses. It uses the unicist reflection driven education approach.

The unicist reflection driven education enhances the strategic approach of the participants through their exposure to maximal and minimum strategy building, root cause management of business problems and the learning of the management of fundamentals.

The participants of the Clinics use Unicist Intelligent Systems, that include Unicist AI Monitors, to develop strategies to generate solutions and ensure the results to be achieved.  Learn more