The unicist algorithm to foster the development of talents

Personal talents evolve when they are driven by internal and external conditions. Individuals evolve when there is a real need to increase the value they add to the environment and they have an internal need to improve and the will to learn.

These conditions can be fostered but not invented. The individual has to have the internal need to improve in order to respond to an objective need to add more value

Those who are in a comfort zone cannot develop. Personal development only occurs when individuals need to grow. Improving and learning is a decision that needs to be based on freewill, but it needs to be based on assuming the responsibility of improving something.

Learning is the energy conservation function of a learning context. Learning implies being driven by the need to solve a problem and making the effort to understand and comprehend how to make it happen.

A learning context has been developed when the three before mentioned elements are integrated generating an empty space an individual is able to fill.

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Peter Belohlavek

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