Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Superior Education: Compare with other Universities

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The unicist educational technology for superior education allows transferring conceptual business technologies to individuals. This approach is based on transferring technologies in a “solution building factory” environment.

The Unicist Education is a superior education model that is based on the learning of structural solutions for businesses.

All the programs are based on managing the structure of businesses by understanding their functions, concepts, processes, roles and objects in order to build structural solutions.

The unicist approach to education is based on the discovery of the unicist ontology of human learning processes and by the reflection based education to learn to manage the structure of businesses.

This approach allowed building “Teaching Hospitals in Business” that develop structural solutions.

Conceptual management, the next stage in business

We propose you compare the differences between unicist education and professional education by accessing the information on the unicist logical approach and the approaches to cross-cultural businesses of four major Global MBAs (2 in the USA and 2 in the EU).

Unicist education is based on learning processes, that are analogous to “teaching hospitals”, based on real complex problem solving.

The unicist approach to business and the organization by using business objects that emulate the structure of nature are the paradigm shift introduced by the “Conceptual Management”. This allows going beyond the empirical approaches to businesses making them reasonable, understandable and predictable.

The unicist educational model is a superior education model that deals with the learning of logical tools and business objects. It requires having the necessary technical-analytical knowledge learned in graduate or undergraduate programs.

Comparison with other Universities

We recommend beginning with the social communication of the different proposals.

Synthetic Comparison


Unicist Education

Professional Education

Educational Framework Teaching Hospital / Clinics Workshops / Seminars / Courses
Educational Model Complex Problem Solving Systemic Problem Solving
Learning Approach Action-Reflection-Action
(Emulating in mind)
(Reasoning driven)
Problem Solving Approach Focused on Results Focused on Objectives
Future Forecasting Logical Inferences / Delphi Groups Projections / Delphi Groups
Knowledge Logical & Empirical Approach Empirical Approach
Type of Tools Conceptual Tools Analytical Tools
Business Planning Strategic Approach Analytic Approach
Dominant type of Analysis Fundamental Analysis Technical Analysis
Risk Management Based on Possibilities Based on Probabilities
Business Processes Adaptive Systems Operational Systems


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