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Functionalist Approach

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Evolution and Talent Development

Accepting the validity of the establishment is a condition for evolution. Over-adaptation to the establishment implies its sanctification, and drives to the avoidance of the responsibility of improving the environment. Cultures that foster rebel individualistic behaviors necessarily generate involution. Both over-adaptation and individualistic rebellion drive to involution.

Evolution implies competing with the establishment improving what has been received in order to ensure evolution and create an own place in order to satisfy the personal needs.

The first part, the improvement of what has been received is a work with a social responsibility, the second part deals with the ego of the person who has assumed the responsibility.

A culture is in involution if individuals begin with their own egocentric desires. In both extremes, leading cultures and surviving cultures, addictions of any kind become a natural response.

Guilt liberators produce paradoxical results when they sustain their clients by “insufflating air” into their clients’ ego.

The reading of Diana Belohlavek’s book on Talent development is strongly recommended.

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