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Functionalist Approach

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In-House Corporate University Programs

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A Logical Approach to the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach is a logical approach to businesses. It uses the double dialectical logic to develop a logical approach that allows supporting the development of business solutions. This logical approach is included in the unicist artificial intelligence that sustains the expert systems that are used to build solutions.

Corporate Universities

The 4th industrial revolution requires using a conceptual mindset in order to manage businesses as adaptive environments. The In-House Universities provide participants with an access to the unicist business strategy that uses a conceptual approach for solution building in organizations. It works as a Teaching Hospital in Business where the participants develop solutions to real problems of their organization.

This In-House University uses Unicist Strategy and the Unicist Conceptual Management approach that includes the finding of the root causes of the problems, defining the necessary strategies for the structural solutions, making the conceptual design of the solutions and developing the action plans and pilot tests to ensure results.

The activities of these Universities might include the development of solutions for the organizing companies, their clients, providers, distributors or associates.

Coordination of the Programs

The programs are coordinated by executives of the company that have been trained by the Unicist Corporate University in the use of Reflection Driven Education to develop solutions. When necessary, the coordination of these programs might be outsourced.

The Conceptual Mindset of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolutions foster and establish dominant mindsets to fulfill their purposes. These mindsets include the preceding mindset as complementary approaches. The 4th Industrial Revolution applied to business is an upgrade towards a superior level of value generation. It implies managing the unified field of business functions and developing adaptive processes which require managing their concepts.

4th Industrial Revolution

Conceptual thinking is the dominant mindset in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Industry 4.0 stage is based in improving the adaptiveness of processes by being fully consumer/user/buyer oriented, increasing the productivity, which implies improving the cost/value relation and increasing the quality to become fully reliable.

The conceptual mindset required by the 4th Industrial Revolution uses abductive, inductive and deductive reasoning to forecast, produce and ensure results.

Abductive reasoning is used to access the concepts of things and defines the possibilities of what can be achieved, inductive reasoning is used to develop destructive tests to confirm the limits of the validity of knowledge and deductive reasoning is used to validate and manage the operation.

Unicist Reflection driven Education

The unicist reflection driven education enhances the strategic approach of the participants through their exposure to maximal and minimum strategy building, root cause management of business problems, the development of destructive and non-destructive pilot tests and the learning of the management of fundamentals.

Structural Programs
of the Corporate University

Unicist Reflection driven Learning
  1. Unicist Functional Design
  2. Business Strategy
  3. Marketing
  4. Object Driven Organization
  5. Financial Strategy
  6. IT Systems & Apps
  7. Functional Leadership
  8. Functional Negotiation
  9. Personal Strategy
  10. Competitive Strategy
  11. Business Intelligence
  12. Telework Organization

Characteristics of the Programs

It works as a Solution Factory based on virtual collaboration, that provides the access to the unicist approach in the Unicist Reflection Sessions while the learning process is sustained by the real solution building. It has:

1. Solution driven programs
2. Unicist Reflection Sessions: every fortnight based on virtual collaboration
3. Counseling of the real solution building
4. Access to the necessary specialized thematic documents
5. Free access to the Unicist Library
6. Learning platform
7. Continuous counseling on the real applications
7. Duration: 2 months

Dealing with the 4th Industrial Revolution

This revolution as a concept, can be synthetically defined as the “revolution of adaptive business processes” that fosters business growth.

Adaptability requires managing the concepts and fundamentals of the business functions, which allow managing the root causes of market behavior, the root causes of businesses processes and the root causes of industrial processes to ensure customer satisfaction, productivity and quality.

Real Problem Solving

This program provides an access to Unicist Strategy building technologies to diagnose, build strategies and design business architectures based on the unified field of the business functions and its context.

Unicist Strategy Clinics

The paradigm shift introduced by unicist technologies allows participants to use the Unicist Conceptual Management approach to develop strategies.

This approach requires developing both maximal strategies to foster growth and minimum strategies to generate profits and implementing the necessary action plans to achieve the results.

The unicist conceptual approach to education is focused on learning while individuals solve real complex problems that require having apprehended their conceptual structure.

Functional Design of Solutions

The unicist functional design is used to ensure results in adaptive environments by managing the fundamentals of the solutions, defining the necessary functions that are integrated as a unified field, and ending with the definition of a dynamic process architecture.

It includes the design of the roles that participate and the different types of business objects that are used to achieve the necessary results. The functional design ensures the functionality of a solution.

The Working Platform of the University

The Solution Building Platform

The Unicist Corporate University provides a platform that works as a teaching hospital in the field of business. Participants use the unicist evolutionary approach, conceptual tools and business objects to solve problems in a company. The Corporate University is installed as a business unit and is financed by the results it produces.

This platform includes virtual live learning programs, conceptual tools, a counseling system and a conceptual knowledge library. The “teaching hospitals” have been designed for managers and high potential individuals who can deal with conceptual solutions for businesses.

Business Expansion

The unicist strategic approach is based on the knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of business processes that define the root causes of their functionality. The unicist evolutionary approach emulates the intelligence and evolution of nature by using maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

The Unicist Research Institute

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