Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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The Unicist Educational Program for Partners and Associates

This educational program for partners and associates is a sort of short doctorate. It assumes that the education happens in a field of expertise of the partners and associates in industries they manage.This implies that they have sound technical knowledge of the problems that are managed, and they learn to manage the concepts and fundamentals […]

Functionality of the Strategic Intelligence

Unicist Talent Development: Research on the Genesis of the Strategic Style

The research works carried out at The Unicist Research Institute on the roots of human intelligence included the study of the behaviors that define the different functionalities of intelligences in the adaptation to the environment. This work included not only the research on the nature of the Strategic Intelligence, but also included the research on the nature of Ethical Intelligence and the Type of logical thinking an individual uses to apprehend the nature of a reality.

Learning by researching: A back to basics that empowers learning

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”Attributed to Albert Einstein The same way a residency in medicine is focused on learning through diagnosing and curing a real patient´s problem, business superior education is focused on learning by researching, diagnosing and solving real organizational problems. But in the name of […]

About the Unicist Reflection Driven Education

Human adaptive actions are functional when people are aware of the concepts they have when approaching a particular activity. This allows going beyond automatic behaviors.

Adaptive Systems have no variables, they are driven by objects

Unicist ontology-based technologies are materialized in objects that are installed within processes to produce optimized results. Nature is organized by objects. It is these objects of nature that establish evolution’s point of reference. The appearance of new species, the disappearance of others, changes, evolution, and mutation of species are nothing but aspects of nature that […]

Unicist Residencies

The participants in unicist residencies develop real solutions for the organizations they belong to. They assume the responsibility for developing functional solutions to the problems they are dealing with. Participants use the Unicist Reflection Process and its implicit pilot testing technologies to develop solutions in the unicist residency. Unicist counselors support this solution building process. […]

Building the Guiding Idea in Adults´ Learning Process

The Research on the Ontology of Human Learning developed at The Unicist Research Institute showed that the development of the guiding idea in the learning process of adults is the decisive step to begin the learning process. If there is no clear guiding idea, the learning process does not even start.

Conceptual Management – A Logical Approach to Businesses

The conceptual approach to business requires that people need to know “why” something is happening. This is unnecessary at an operational level, but is a basic question when dealing with strategic approaches. The “know why” is driven by a logical approach to businesses that allows managing their concepts making them reasonable, understandable and provable.

Unicist Conceptual Knowledge Catalyzes Businesses

The catalyzing process is produced by the possibility of accessing a superior level of knowledge that provides a logical structured context of an activity. It necessarily begins being opaque for operational use until people begin to perceive that it is extremely useful to expand the possibilities of businesses and allows multiplying the successful experiences and inhibiting the repetition of failures.

Unicist Superior Education in Business

A learning context is required before a learning process begins. Learning processes in adults require the existence of a real problem to be solved. When there is no real problem to be solved, the learning process has no substance and the “knowledge” cannot be stored in the long term memory because it is meaningless.

Active inaction destroys relationships and businesses

Active inaction works as an “ethical business virus” that destroys any productive relationship in organizations. Active inaction is a natural defense in the case of cultures and people who are not able or willing to assume the responsibility for generating added value. It is part of the lifestyle in underdeveloped environments.

The Unicist Ontology of Language

Language as a driver and inhibitor of human intelligence The objective of the research was to find a way to forecast human behavior based on the use of languages and to define the natural languages necessary to approach different realities in different contexts. Language can be defined as a system of communication and of reasoning […]

Discovering the wise aspects of one’s behavior

You are having the unique opportunity of witnessing the most significant paradigm shift in science that was made in the last century, while you have the opportunity of profiting from it. This shift is based on the discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature that regulates the evolution of living beings.

Unicist Education: The Adults’ learning process in complex adaptive environments

The construction of the guiding idea of learning processes is the first stage to be fulfilled in order to make a learning process begin. Unfortunately, many adults prefer judging instead of assuming the role of a learner. Learning requires a personal decision that cannot be forced because adult people only learn what they need.

Wisdom vs. Erudition: Wisdom is a pathway with many masters

Wisdom can be defined as the capacity of an individual to integrate idealism and realism with value adding actions. The characteristic of individuals who achieved wisdom is that they had multiple masters that had an authoritative role in their lives. These roles are still in force and they still admire them.

Business Hackers: The agents who introduce Business Viruses

Business Hackers are individuals who need to implant business viruses in institutions in order to demonstrate that they are able to dominate them.

DNA of Leadership: Breakthrough in the Research of Behavior

The discovery of the unicist ontological structure describes what can be defined as the genome (DNA) of leadership. The knowledge of its structure and the different categories of leaders allow defining the functionality of the leadership style of an individual and how s/he complements and supplements with others.

Value adding: the key for learning processes

Learning processes in adults require the existence of a real problem to be solved. When there is no real problem to be solved, the learning process has no substance and the “knowledge” cannot be stored in the long term memory because it is meaningless.

Sponsored program for the Next Generation Leaders

The Unicist Goodwill Network organized a sponsored program for the “Next Generation Leaders”. We invite you to participate. The “Next Generation Leaders” program provides a fully sponsored access to conceptualization that allows developing personal long-term and short-term strategies.

Discovery of the Nature of Interpersonal Communication

Communication implies establishing a code to relate with others within a particular environment. From an essential point of view, the purpose of communication is either functional to work or functional to pastime. On the one hand, we define work as the human activity carried out to generate added value and gain the corresponding counterpart.

Open Lecture on the Adults’ Learning Context: 5-21-2014 – 4:00 pm ET

By Peter Belohlavek – The nature of the Adults’ Learning Context that was discovered demonstrates that people can only store knowledge objects in their long-term memory if this information is necessary and proved to be meaningful to solve problems they have. Only needs drive real learning! Hypothetical solutions are pastime activities; they might be fun but are useless.
Access: https://plus.google.com/+UnicistOrg

The moral aspects of psychopathic leadership

There are three different drivers of psychopathy: amorality, pseudo-morality and immorality. A special characteristic of social behavior is that the instinctive behavior is expected to be limited to those aspects that only belong to the intimacy of an individual. Psychopaths always have a rational justification for their behavior and they need to find it in any of the three drivers of their justified behavior.

The Solitude of Power and the Power of Solitude

Leadership drives naturally to solitude. Leadership can be exerted if an individual is driven by self-fulfillment and sustained by the power of solitude. Self-fulfillment implies that a leader is doing something that is meaningful and is part of what s/he loves. Leadership drives naturally to solitude. Leadership can be exerted if an individual is driven by self-fulfillment and sustained by the power of solitude.

Pleasure is what makes adaptive learning processes possible

In order to be able to learn new skills in the field of adaptive behavior it is necessary that the learning process be sustained by the pleasure obtained from using these skills. Without the expectancy of a new pleasant experience and its confirmation during the learning processes there is no possibility of learning new adaptive skills.

Our best wishes for 2014: Happy New Year!

“Cooperation in Diversity” is much more than our motto. It is a way of living.

Empowering human efficacy with the unicist approach

The unicist approach to human resources includes the use of conscious intelligence to lead organizations and business units.

The Power of Freedom: External freedom to do

Individuals have two types of freedoms that they need to manage: inner freedom, in order to expand who they are, and external freedom, to expand what they do. External freedom needs inner freedom to exist. Nobody can have the power of external freedom without having achieved inner freedom first. The pathway towards external freedom requires having achieved inner freedom and being able to manage time.

Open lecture on the Discovery of Human Ontointelligence

This lecture is for the group of the “Organization Committee” and is open for guests. It will take place as a “Hangout On Air” on November 8th at 12:00 pm US-EST. Access: https://plus.google.com/+UnicistOrg

The Unicist Double Dialectical Approach to Businesses

The unicist logical approach allowed defining the potential possibilities of a business. The discovery of the logical structures (named ontogenetic maps) that underlie the nature of individual, institutional and cultural behavior allowed modeling the adaptive aspects of reality. The unicist logical approach uses these structures to emulate the dynamics of businesses based on their models.

Talent is driven by the concept of reality an individual has

Talents are defined by the capacity of an individual to adapt to an environment generating value and earning the counterpart. The width and depth of these talents define the potential of the individual. Everybody has a talent. For some people it is easier to get aware of them than for others. Talents are as diverse as the action fields of human beings.

Personal-role objects building in adaptive environments

Personal roles work as objects in adaptive environments because they allow integrating groups knowing the functionality of each member which permits building synergy and establishing driving, inhibiting and entropy inhibiting functions. The acknowledgement of these roles also allows adding external functions to the group to provide catalyzing and gravitational functions to accelerate actions and ensure their consistency.

Using foundations to empower conscious adaptive decisions

The objective of the Unicist 5 Why Method is to install an approach to foster conscious decision in adaptive environments. It uses the development of foundations to foster conscious adaptive decisions. It is based on “positive thinking” that implies solution thinking and using the conjunction “and” to integrate the different aspects that allow emulating the concept of what is being done while apprehending its double dialectical logic.

Personal freedom requires dealing with Problematic Learning

When we are fostering talent empowerment, solving problems with complex components, the thematic approach is less functional than the approach “problem – theme – problem”.

“Focus” is vital for complex problems solutions. Learning fosters focusing on problems. The process begins and ends working with a problem and measuring the results.

Teaching vs. Learning: the use of Unicist Learning Objects

Teaching is the cost of education and learning is the generated value. The use of unicist learning objects diminishes the cost and increases the value of what is being learned. A positive side effect is that learners assume the responsibility to adapt to the environment and not only to the teacher.

The Unicist Logical Foundations of Jean Piaget’s Theory

The unicist approach has been using these concepts since the eighties considering them as a neural entity individuals have to approach learning processes.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

In life do you focus on finding answers or questions?

The model “theory – practice” is the natural model for teaching. The unicist path “action-thought / reflection – action” is the natural approach to learning.

Unicist Thinking: Apprehending the Nature of Leadership

The unicist ontology of leadership describes the nature of leadership in order to be able to use the adequate leadership for any situation.

Research on People with Attention Disorder in Businesses

A research on adults having an ADHD condition was developed to define their possibilities to evolve in the business world.

Unicist Innovations in Human Resources

It allowed defining that the long term memory works based on cognitive objects and that these objects, named concepts, determine the attitudes of people.

Permanent Research Groups of The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute has permanent chapters of research groups. There are four problem driven chapters and one subject driven chapter.

Peopleware: is the purpose of object driven management

Unicist Peopleware was developed to define a structure to integrate both hardware and software in work. It is universal although it appears focused on business processes.

Unicist reflection changed the approach to complex problems

Before the Unicist Approach complex problems were approached dividing them into parts to transform them into systemic problems that could be managed through direct actions.

The Unicist Unified Field of Businesses

The Unicist Unified Field of Businesses

The Unicist Approach to Businesses: Plans A, B, C and D

The Unicist Approach to Businesses: Plans A, B, C and D

2012, the Year of the Possible

The Unicist Research Institute promotes: 2012, the year of the “Possible”.

The Unicist Approach: Making things Possible

The Unicist Approach: Making things Possible

The Four Pillars of the Unicist Approach

The Four Pillars of the Unicist Approach

Marathoner or 100-meter sprinter in Business?

In Sports as well as in Business, competition challenges the capacity of reaction. That’s why we should focus on choosing the competitions for which we are best prepared.

Learning to deal with Unified Fields in Business

Knowledge only exists when it is stored in the long term memory which requires being meaningful and useful.

Personal Counscious Evolution is the driver for Success

The Unicist Standard for Personal Conscious Evolution described by Peter Belohlavek defines the ontological structures and the taxonomies that can be influenced to foster the evolution of individuals.

35th Anniversary of The Unicist Research Institute

June 1976 was the beginning of the research of evolution in the field of complexity science. It was focused on approaching the nature of reality which required an ontological approach.

Ontological research of personal turnarounds in business

A personal turnaround is a sort of “resurrection” made by an individual who enters in a superior stage.

Learning Taxonomy

One question is to apply the knowledge already stored in the memory and another different question is to approach a learning process from “scratch”.

Discover the Magic of “Doing” the New Year…

Click here to download your present. Happy New Year!!

Continuous Improvement: Awareness to foster personal evolution

The Unicist Standard for Personal Conscious Evolution described by Peter Belohlavek defines the ontological structures and the taxonomies that can be influenced to foster the evolution of individuals.

Human Limits to deal with adaptive systems, how are they managed?

Complexes’ objective is to avoid the adaptation process of individuals generating a parallel reality, creating a comfort zone to live in.

What did the ontology of learning bring about in education?

The discovery of the ontology of human learning made by Peter Belohlavek opened the frontiers of knowledge to design educational processes.

Does the level of ethical intelligence change with maturity?

The discovery of Ethical Intelligence made by Peter Belohlavek demonstrated that ethics is an intelligence that evolves with the maturity of individuals.

The unicist algorithm to foster the development of talents

Individuals evolve when there is a real need to increase the value they add to the environment and they have an internal need to improve and the will to learn.

Unicist Business Therapeutics for Human Resources

The discovery of business viruses, business hackers, who install the viruses, and the institutional immune systems was made by Peter Belohlavek.

Lecture on Ethical Intelligence for Personal Development

We invite you to organize a lecture on Ethical Intelligence in Business led by Diana Belohlavek. It will change the view of efficacy in leadership.

Alliances of the Corporate University with Business Schools

From today on Diana Belohlavek will be managing the alliances of The Unicist Corporate University with Business Schools worldwide.

Unicist Ethics: the ethics for personal and business growth

Doers need to assume the responsibility of what is possible to be done.

I don’t know: the concept that fosters quality assurance

To think and say “I don’t know” is to have a self-exclusion system that promotes certainty of what one knows.

Tell me how you talk and I will tell you how you think

Some people depart from the solution to think a problem and others from the problem to then think a solution.

Unicist Learning: Why adults inhibit their own learning?

A complex problem must be approached with an “action – reflection – action” process, which is absolutely counterintuitive for ordinary adults.

Discovery of the unicist ontology of the Oedipus complex

This R&D e-book by Peter Belohlavek is a presentation of the obscure part of personal behavior and a solution for it.

Unicist Talent Development is based on Logical Reasoning

Unicist talent development is based on expanding the capacity to develop integrative thinking. This implies dealing with the Unicist Logic.

Unicist Standard Language for personal talent development

The Unicist Standard Language is basic to understand and deal with the ontology of personal evolution.

Unicist Riddles: Value adding

…..if you feel sore, give;
giving you will recover…..

Dialoguing requires using ambiguous language

Dealing with the nature of businesses requires using ambiguous language to apprehend their implicit concepts and to dialogue with the market and with people.

Energy Saving in Business Management

Work implies producing a displacement of something in the real world. Every displacement generates a friction that needs to be managed.

Unicist Object Driven Organization: Upgrading Human Quality

The use of Unicist Business Objects is only possible for those who are willing to assume the full responsibility for producing results.

Learning from Procter & Gamble using the Unicist Standard

The notorious capacity of Procter & Gamble is given by the way it manages the social insertion of innovations.

Understanding Cultures: The Archetype of China

The archetype of China is a unique case of a culture that has the capacity to grow based on the internal consistency of its model.

Benchmarking Procter & Gamble: Unicist Innovation

Procter & Gamble is a world leader in innovation. This allows learning from P&G how to manage innovation to make it successful in the markets.

Unicist Future Research: The Archetype of China

We invite you to apprehend the nature of China’s archetype. But consider that it is necessary to avoid comparisons with other cultures.

The Unicist Standard needs to be a Rolls-Royce

Benchmarking Rolls-Royce is necessary for all those products or activities that need to be perfect and considered as prestigious by the community.

Launching of Free book: Unicist Theory of Evolution for All

On April 13, 2010 the book “Unicist Theory of Evolution for all” by Peter Belohlavek will be presented with its applicative researches worldwide.

The Unicist Fundamentals of Mozilla

A Navigator on the Internet is an object that substitutes the individual that navigates a ship or airplane to position the user in the World Wide Web.

The Unicist Archetype of Japan

Japan has a very powerful archetype to sustain its ultimate purpose that is growth within a communitarian environment and a deep sense of loyalty.

Benchmarking Unilever: Unicist Object Driven Leadership

The Unicist Standard in leadership deals with Object Driven Leadership that allows leading without needing to exert power but in extreme chaotic situations.

Are you willing to manage the nature of businesses?

The Unicist Standard is an object driven technological approach that allows emulating the nature of businesses.

Pricing of the Unicist Object Driven Technologies

The Unicist Technologies integrated in the Unicist Standard are available worldwide to develop diagnoses, forecasts, strategies and organizational design.

General Electric, a world leader in innovation

The unicist standard for business strategy allows defining the fundamentals of General Electric’s business in order to benchmark its experiences.

Benchmarking: Is the Unicist Standard a Rolls-Royce?

Last week, TURI’s Marketing Manager said “…the Unicist Standard is a Rolls-Royce car” provoking a harsh response of a Unicist Business Search Engine user.

Benchmarking Mozilla: grasping unicist fundamentals

Listening to the lecture of John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, you will access the core fundamental of Mozilla’s success.

Unicist Family Business Strategies – The Unicist Standard

Business-driven family companies and family-driven companies are highly conditioned by the family archetype of each culture.

Benchmarking General Electric: The Nature of Innovation

The Unicist Standard in Innovation Management deals with the object driven technologies that are necessary to manage innovations.

Upgrade your career using Unicist Object Driven Strategies

The Unicist Standard will give you tools to make an upgrade in your business life.It will empower your possibilities designing a personal strategy.

Aesthetics is the core of Steve Jobs’ business approach

[steve-jobs] Apple’s success is based on the capacity of perceiving the latent needs of the market and delivering original innovative solutions.

Unicist Object Driven Leadership

The Unicist Standard is based on integrating the personal action of leaders with objects based on the institutionalization of their role.

Learning from Steve Jobs: Apple’s fundamentals

Listening to the lecture of Steve Jobs you will access the information you need to understand the core fundamental of Apple’s success.

Questions on the Unicist Standard in Talent Development

You can access the frequently asked questions made by newcomers when they notice both the breakthrough and the simplicity of the Unicist Standard.

Evolution and Talent Development

Accepting the validity of the establishment is a condition for evolution. Over-adaptation to the establishment implies its sanctification, and drives to the avoidance of the responsibility of improving the environment. Cultures that foster rebel individualistic behaviors necessarily generate involution. Both over-adaptation and individualistic rebellion drive to involution. Evolution implies competing with the establishment improving what […]

Perception and Credibility Building: the Unicist Standard

Most of the fallacies people make are based on the misperception of reality. This open program is an extremely unveiling experience.

You decide: Teaching vs. Learning

Teaching is intellectually driven and learning is necessarily action driven. You decide if your goal is your mind or action.

Envy is the driver of Business-wolves

I strongly recommend accessing the metaphor on Business-wolves.

Presentation of the Unicist Standard for Personal Development

The Unicist Standard for individual’s development began with the application of the logical types of thinking to develop the efficacy of individuals. It uses the model of Ontointelligence to emulate the structure of nature.

Unicist thinking to use the Unicist Standard

Unicist thinking is the necessary approach to evolution and therefore for strategy building.Thus unicist thinking is the necessary logical approach to manage the Unicist Standard.

Haiti, earthquake and extreme poverty: A contribution of the Unicist Confederation

The dramatic earthquake in Haiti unveiled internationally the structural extreme poverty of the country. But, while the devastation of the earthquake needs to be palliated, the extreme poverty needs to be cured.

The unicist ontology of Innovation Blindness: The Talent killer

The development of unicist technologies and their implementation processes required the research of innovation blindness to develop strategies to avoid it.

Unicist Thinking in Talent Development / Human action is driven by fundamentals

There is a huge difference between action and movement. Action implies functional movements to achieve results. But movements are not necessarily functional. Actions must follow the synchronicity of the actual reality.

Unicist Thinking for Personal Strategies: an In Company Lecture / Seminar / Clinic

Unicist Thinking made the emulation of the evolution of nature possible. This discovery changed the paradigm of strategy building in the social, institutional and personal field.

Unicist Business Search Engine Upgrade – Access it now

The UBSE has been upgraded. It will include the necessary cases to help users to develop business diagnoses.
This includes the necessary models to develop fundamental diagnoses for small, midsize and large businesses.

Unicist Business Talent Development – The paradox of “gifted minds”

A gifted person has superior functional intelligences.
That means that the individual’s intelligences are:
a) functional to a specific value generating process
b) superior than average people’s.
The paradox is that when gifted people work in an environment where their functional intelligences are irrelevant, they naturally enter in a superiority complex creating a parallel reality to sustain their dominating position. This generates lack of value generation and endless power games promoted by the person who needs to sustain a dominating role.

Doer’s Ethics in Talent Development – A Unicist Ecumenical Approach

In Christianity and in other religions individuals may commit two types of sins:
sins of commission and sins of omission.
Doers necessarily commit both sins. They commit the sin of omnipotence when they try to do what belongs to “God’s territory” and the sin of omission when they do not do what they could have done because they considered that it belongs to “God’s territory”.

Unicist Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature to influence adaptive systems

When dealing with adaptive / complex systems that have by definition open boundaries, individuals committed to find solutions need to understand the nature of the problem. And in order to understand the nature of a problem its ontology has to be understood.
The research on the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature (UOIN) was developed by Peter Belohlavek and started at the beginning of the 80’s. It was a step by step discovery based on the apprehension of the nature of social phenomena entering afterwards in the institutional and individual evolution. Its integration with biology and physics was the final stage that was achieved.

Worldwide Affiliate Program for the Unicist Business Search Engine UBSE

We invite our partners, associated consultants, experts, leaders of the scientific dissemination centers and adherents to participate in the expansion of the worldwide affiliate program. Our goal is to have 6,000 affiliates in one year to install the unicist approach as a standard for diagnoses, forecasts and strategies. This is a business in itself and an approach to expand all our businesses.

A life changing experience – Clinic on The Unicist Object Driven Organization and Unicist Institutional Therapeutics

A clinic with Peter Belohlavek
A life changing experience
Clinic on The Unicist Object Driven Organization and Unicist Institutional Therapeutics
November 18, 2009 (English)
November 19, 2009 (Portuguese and Spanish)
This Clinic will be opening a door to a new world: the world of natural processes where, paradoxically, there is an “extreme” energy optimization.
Unicist Object Driven Organization is a back to basics and a breakthrough to allow the implementation of object driven strategies and continuous improvement in an environment of growth. It emulates the organization of nature.

Peter Belohlavek’s personal statement on the Unicist Theory

We asked for authorization to publish the central aspects of Peter Belohlavek’s personal statement in the Partners News. The objective of this publication is to give access to the backstage of The Unicist Research Institute in order to make it transparent.

Unicist Strategy for a Top-Ten tennis player

We have finished the strategic diagnosis and implemented the first stage of a strategy for a top-ten tennis player.

Managing the nature of businesses – Launching of the business object driven technologies

The Unicist Open Programs have been launched today to expand the accessibility of unicist object driven technologies worldwide.

They are low cost programs ( USD 50.-) that transfer unicist technologies to all who have decided to approach the solution of complex problems based on their nature. These self-administrated programs are developed by The Unicist Corporate University.

Unicist Institutionalization to sustain Group Cohesion – Free access to Peter Belohlavek’s last Reflection Clinic

This lecture presents how fallacious myths sustain group cohesion. The discovery of the ontological law of the mutation of viruses and the capacity to develop immune systems made the development of cohesion systems possible.
The unicist institutional approach to group cohesion will allow you to deal with the real human beings that integrate an organization. Fallacies as energy savers become part of an organization when the immune system of a group or institution works.
Using this object driven approach you will be able to integrate the strengths and the implicit weaknesses of the participants of a group.

Homology between Unicist Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics

On request of some of our partners, in order to give access to the scientific grounding of the Unicist Object Driven Technologies to clients, we have developed a synthesis of the foundations that sustain our business. It has been published on our partners’ websites. This is just support information because our research sustains the unicist object driven business technologies we provide.

The Unicist Object Driven Institutional Immune System

We have finished the private scientific presentations on the ontological mutation law of viruses. The white paper with the basics of the presentation and the application in the development of the Unicist Object Driven Institutional Immune System is now available.

Unicist Object Driven Business Technologies available at The Unicist Research Institute

Unicist ontology based technologies are materialized in objects emulating nature to optimize results.
Nature is organized by objects. The discoveries of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, its consequent unicist ontology of evolution, the development of the unicist logic and the discovery of unicist thinking (double dialectical thinking) made at The Unicist Research Institute laid the groundings for the unicist strategic approach to businesses.
This implies the use of business objects to define the processes to be developed. The discoveries made the emulation of nature possible.

Access Peter Belohlavek’s video of the Unicist Clinic on the Nature of Democracy

The video on “The Nature of Democracy: The role of democracy in political, religious, military and business institutions” is now available.
The discovery of the unicist ontology of Democracy in human behavior allowed the emulation of nature and the description of the “objects” that define Democracy. Nature is organized by objects. Understanding the behavior of nature, i.e. wolves packs, democracy can be seen in action.

What is behind Unicist Object Driven Technologies?

Unicist ontology based technologies are materialized in objects that are installed within processes to produce optimized results.
Humans use mental “pre-built” structures to approach reality. Object driven thinking is human’s natural approach to reality. Human mind approaches reality using cognitive objects.
These cognitive objects allow the building of systemic, functional and operational objects to install within business processes. The cognitive objects also allow the adaptation process of objects to different non compatible environments.
The unicist approach is based on the use of object driven technologies.

Free program on Unicist Ethical Intelligence in Business developed by Diana Belohlavek

A breakthrough discovery in the field of human intelligence, Ethical Intelligence, is now available in a Goodwill activity of The Unicist Research Institute as a free learning program on “Ethical Intelligence in Business” developed by Diana Belohlavek.

This program is available in English and Spanish and will soon be available in German and Portuguese.

Reflection Clinic on “The role of Democracy…” led by Peter Belohlavek on July 20, 2009 – Free Access

We invite our partners, associated consultants and guests to participate in the Reflection Clinic on “The role of democracy in political, religious, military and business institutions” that will be led by Peter Belohlavek, who you all know, on July 20, 2009, from 9:00 to 10:00 am (New York time). As this clinic is part of our goodwill activities there are no costs involved.

Factor ZERO – The Business Killer

The accelerated globalization, since May 2008, was professionally very successful. The global crisis worked as a market opener for our technologies.
1) There were over 500 new research projects finished.
2) We opened 11 users’ blogs in different specialties.
3) We included two new languages (French and German), and have launched the scientific dissemination developing 5 blogs in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
4) We are in the testing period of the Unicist Business Research Engine that will be inaugurated on November 3, 2009.
5) The Goodwill Network launched three Open Universities in Cybernetics, Health and Finances.

Time for commercial expansion has come.

As we are talking about business with clients, we strongly recommend considering the Factor “ZERO”, which is the main business killer. Suspicion and/or Doubt and/or Ignorance inhibit every action.

Unicist conflict management for talent development

“If you want to cross the ocean, you will probably experience some big storms in your way”.
Though conflicts are part of life, some people try to avoid them and consider them part of a totally negative aspect in their way. And paradoxically, by avoiding these conflicts, they end up degrading their previous situation, and end up involving.

Corporate Universities to promote Talent Development

While Unicist Corporate Universities expand markets they open the boundaries of the participants. Approaching problems based on their nature drives necessarily towards learning. The nature cannot be taught, it has to be discovered. Thus, talents are developed while a Corporate University expands the market.

Free lecture – learn about the new era

Free Web-Lecture / Clinic June 15, 2009 – 9:00 am to 10:00 am New York Time.
Understanding Empires: Their role in the Global Crisis by Peter Belohlavek

Unicist Business Talent Development through the improvement in the use of languages

One of the core aspects in the development of talents is the use of languages as a driver. As languages are the basis for conscious reasoning models, it is necessary to understand that evolving implies improving the use of the language.

Heroes and Pseudo-heroes in unicist talent development

Talented individuals have the natural potential to become heroes. They have the qualifications but not necessarily the will that is required to transcend individual goals and bring a superior solution to their environment. There is no need to be a hero in order to achieve self-fulfillment. But we need to identify heroes from pseudo-heroes.

33rd Anniversary of The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute invites you to a toast on its 33rd Anniversary. We invite you to light a candle for one minute on Monday 1st of June at 1:00 pm New York time for the new era that began in the field of complexity management after the discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature.

Catalysts and Inhibitors in Unicist Talent Development

Can the development of intelligence be catalyzed? Can it be inhibited? What influence do success and failure have in the process?
The research on the development of intelligence at The Unicist Research Institute showed that this development can be catalyzed, inhibited or limited. Therefore, the development of the individual’s intelligence requires the generation of operational conditions that catalyze the intelligent functionality.

Where do the hurdles of the evolution of intelligence come from?

Where come the hurdles of the evolution of individuals intelligence from?
Listen to the live recorded, not edited, lecture of Peter Belohlavek on the hurdles of the evolution of human intelligence and how to overcome their consequences.

Educational Design in Talent Development

The discovery of the ontology of human learning at The Unicist Research Institute opened the frontiers of knowledge to design educational processes, integrating both extremes: the learning of operational processes and the learning of strategic approaches to reality.

Elites are responsible for fostering evolution

The education of the elites is one of the problems that defines if evolution is empowered or inhibited. Because of ideological reasons, many cultures do not foster the education of the gifted and talented. Other cultures, as it is seen in the following excerpt, research to find the best ways to foster their gifted and talented members.

Unicist Talent Development: The process of Complex Problem Solving

In order to apprehend a complex problem and solve it, it is necessary to be able to deal with four central aspects:
1) The openness of the boundaries of the problem.
2) The conjunction of its components without simplifying disjunctions.
3) The biunivocity of its elements
4) The inexistence of observers. The individual “managing it” is a part of the problem.

Talent Development – Free lecture on Unicist Thinking

We invite you to participate in the Lecture on Unicist Thinking that will be led by Peter Belohlavek on May 15, 2009 and will be held at the The Unicist Research Institute’s webconference system at 9:00 am New York time.
What happens with a bright 3-year old child that becomes a 50-year old shiftless individual?
Individuals are exposed to external inhibitors that tend to massify them to make them fit into the culture they belong to.

Unicist ontology of decision making

The discovery of the unicist ontology of decision making opened the boundaries of “defensive” decision making, widening the possibilities and the probabilities of accurate decisions.

Unicist Drops – Problem solving – Pastime for the weekend

Three men see a block of marble.
One sees the beauty of the marble.
The other sees the value of the marble.
The sculptor sees the statue within the marble…

Unicist Talent Development: Seizing your talents, recognizing your nature

Working on talent development implies the recognition of the starting point and rediscovering everyday the goals that have been achieved. “We are all talented, but the key to believe in our talents and make good use of them.”
Talented people are ahead of those who are not driven by their talents.

The Unicist Ontology of Doers

Doers are very special individuals. They are basically individuals whose fulfillment is based on doing transcendent things. They need to achieve what they have decided to do. When things cannot be done the easy way, they find the necessary path to make things happen.

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