Catalysts and Inhibitors in Unicist Talent Development

Can the development of intelligence be catalyzed? Can it be inhibited? What influence do success and failure have in the process?

The research on the development of intelligence at The Unicist Research Institute showed that this development can be catalyzed, inhibited or limited. Therefore, the development of the individual’s intelligence requires the generation of operational conditions that catalyze the intelligent functionality.


1) A “research-driven” approach to reality, in which errors are part of the process to achieve functional results.
2) The development of “memory” in the form of grounded cognitive objects, related to one or more human actions.
3) A personal knowledge acquisition attitude based on learning, without depositing in others his/her learning responsibility.
4) The use of an Ethic of Foundations, besides strictly affective inter-personal relations.

Inhibitors or “limiting aspects” of Intelligence

1) The use of language
2) Individual fallacies
3) Institutional fallacies (institutional fallacious myths)
4) Social fallacies (social fallacious myths)
5) The environment’s dominant democracy ethics
6) The environment’s dominant leadership ethics
7) The environment’s dominant individual ethics

Catalysts are oriented for personal use. They have lesser energy than the social inhibitors of a society.

In this sense, when individuals search for a higher level of intelligence compared to the one established and limited by their society, they become “marginalized”.

They are forced to migrate or are expelled from their environment. This situation acts as an additional inhibitor for the development of the individual’s intelligence.

Catalysts are part of the individuals concern in which they can influence. But being able to use catalysts in personal development is not for free. It implies paying high prices to achieve this acceleration. And at the same time, it implies considering the social inhibitors as a limit set by the society or culture in which the individual is.

Success catalyzes the development of intelligence, failure inhibits its evolution.

Diana Belohlavek

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