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Ontological research of personal turnarounds in business

A personal turnaround is a sort of “resurrection” made by an individual who enters in a superior stage.

The ontological research on personal turnarounds in business has been running for 10 years now and has included 23 individuals and the follow up of their evolution. This research is now in its final stage.

The publication of this post has been triggered by the need to foster the turnaround of four individuals, one is extremely young, two are middle aged and one is a senior. The conclusion of the research will be considered valid if the forecast of the four cases is accurate.

Many of the cases of turnarounds in business were triggered by the desire of achieving a superior level in terms of financials.

What became evident is that turnarounds are possible if individuals envision a new stage and their role, have changed the paradigms to deal with their environment and have “faith” (implying complete confidence in an authority).

They require a high level of self-confidence to launch a different stage and the capacity of doing the necessary amendments that allow “guilt free” closing of the previous state.

When these conditions cannot be fulfilled individuals degrade to a lower level. The financial trigger works often as a mind-trap hindering the upgrades.

Turnarounds are sustained by the generational responsibility of individuals. They become extremely difficult when the environment has a high level of individualistic components.

Personal turnarounds are necessary when needing to deal with a superior business ethics.

Personal turnarounds are  extremely rare.

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Peter Belohlavek

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