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Dialoguing requires using ambiguous language

Dealing with the nature of businesses requires using ambiguous language to apprehend their implicit concepts and to dialogue with the market and with people.

This approach will change your perception of communication allowing you to know when individuals are “dialoguing” and when they are “monologuing”.

What is ambiguity?
Ambiguity is a human perception.  It exists only in the mind of the perceiver. Following the original etymological meaning of the word it is a perception that has two meanings for the individual. The question is how to deal with ambiguous perceptions.

Dialoguing requires ambiguous messages and Monologuing is based on operational messages. This sounds paradoxical for the majority of the people.

Dialogues drive towards evolution and Monologues drive towards involution.

The decision to empower the use of ambiguous (synthetic) language is personal. The benefit is high and so is the price to pay to expand the use of one’s language. It is a step by step process.

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Diana Belohlavek
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