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Social Research

The unicist ontological research in the social field is focused on finding the functionalist principles of social, economic, and ideological behavior to forecast the possible evolution.

The research is focused not only on the evolution of humans as a species and as individuals but also on the evolution of their institutions.

It studies people, their actions, and their transcendence as “a unified field”. All the core functions that drive social, economic, and political evolution have been researched.

Research-Knowledge Reservoirs

Basic Research: The Unicist Functionalist Approach to Science - Research on Intelligence: Functionality of Human IntelligenceSocial Research: Unicist Social & Economic Laboratory - Healthcare 4.0 - Unicist Future Research LabBusiness Research: Managing the 4th Industrial Revolution - Unicist Business Strategy - Unicist Functionalist Marketing - Unicist Functionalist Management - Unicist IT & Business Cobots - Unicist People Management 4.0 - Unicist Conceptual Engineering - Unicist Financial Strategies

Unicist Social Lab

Unicist Social & Economic Lab

Access the functionalist principles of social evolution and a transgenerational evolution program

Social Evolution

Unicist Approach to Social and Evolution

Access the main discoveries and developments that drive social and economic evolution

Industry 4.0

4th Industrial Revolution

Access the functionalist principles and synchronized binary actions to manage the 4IR


The Unicist Approach to Education

Access the educational model to introduce the functionalist principles in the world

Health and Healthcare

Health and Healthcare

Access the functionalist principles in healthcare to simplify patient orientation

Future Research

Future Research

Access the functionalist principles to manage the asymmetry of past and future events

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