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The Next Stage: A Causal Approach to the Real World

Since 1976, The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) has been the world-leading research organization that created the functionalist approach to science and the unicist ontological research that allows discovering the functionalist principles to manage adaptive environments and the root causes of problems. It is a research organization that has business, academic, and information technology divisions.

The discovery of unicist logic enabled the management of the functionality, dynamics, and evolution of things and provided a framework for the unified field theory in physics. The development of unicist functionalist knowledge integrated the know-how and the know-why of things, enabling their operation.

The applied research is focused on the study of the functionalist principles of entities and processes. Access the 100 major discoveries that have been developed since 1976 in the field of individual, business, and social evolution.

The 100 Major Unicist Discoveries

Basic Research

Unicist Logic as a Framework for Unified Field Development in Physics

The use of Unicist Logic as the framework for developing a unified field in physics is a back-to-basics approach to understanding the complexities of the universe.

The Unified Field of the Macro- and Microcosm

The objective is to confirm the existence of the Unified Field in the realms of Physics, Biology, and Social Behavior, bridging the Macro- and Microcosm.

The Functionalist Structure of Quarks

The objective is to validate the hypothesis that unicist logic and its rules also apply when explaining the functionality of quarks and the unified field in physics.

Applied Research

Development of a Framework for Educating Gifted Individuals at a Postgraduate Level

Value-adding actions propel gifted individuals to a higher level of consciousness, ultimately enhancing their skills. The ability to fail is crucial, as these failures lead them toward complementation.

Enhancing Conscious Reasoning of Adolescents

The objective is to confirm that the utilization of language facilitates abductive reasoning, which in turn enhances conscious reasoning when integrated with unicist logic.

Development of Next Generation Drugs for Healing

The objective of this research is to forge a new approach to health functionality that streamlines healing processes by integrating biological, psychological, and energetic dimensions.

Expansion of the Application Field of Functionalist Knowledge

The objective of the research is to delineate fields where the integration of the "know-how" and the "know-why" of their functionality is imperative.

Development of the Enterprise 5.0 Model

The objective is to articulate the natural organizational model that succeeds the business paradigm for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Functionality of Conscious Collective Intelligence

The objective of the research is to confirm the functionality of collective intelligence that manifests in adaptive environments guiding decision-making and actions.

Research-Knowledge Reservoirs

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