The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4IR introduced the requirement of managing the functionality of business processes to enhance their energy efficiency, customer orientation, and adaptability.

Profit from this New Stage

Unicist Functionalist Technologies

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The Functionalist Principles of Marketing Processes

11 Minutes Read

Use the Intuitive Solution Design Module

Intuitive Solution Design Module

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Functionalist Principles for Personal Use

15 Minutes Read

Unicist Functionalist Design

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Unicist In-House Universities

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The Functionalist Principle

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The Unicist Research Institute
Functionalist Technologies

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Scientific Research

Since 1976, The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) has been the world-leading research organization that created the functionalist approach to science that allowed developing the functionalist principles to manage the functionality of the real world. It is a research organization that has business, academic, and information technology divisions.

This approach allowed discovering the double dialectical behavior of nature and developing the unicist logic that allows understanding and managing the functionality of things.

The applied research is focused on the study of the functionalist principles of entities and processes. Access the 100 major discoveries that sustain the unicist ontological research works that were developed since 1976 in the field of individual, business and social evolution.

The 100 Major Unicist Discoveries

Research-Knowledge Reservoirs

Basic Research: The Unicist Functionalist Approach to Science - Research on Intelligence: Functionality of Human IntelligenceSocial Research: Unicist Social & Economic Laboratory - Healthcare 4.0 - Unicist Future Research LabBusiness Research: Managing the 4th Industrial Revolution - Unicist Business Strategy - Unicist Functionalist Marketing - Unicist Functionalist Management - Unicist IT & Business Cobots - Unicist People Management 4.0 - Unicist Conceptual Engineering - Unicist Financial Strategies

Complexity Science

Basic Research on the Functionalist Principles of Evolution

Access the functionalist approach to science that allows understanding the functionalist principles of evolution

Human Intelligence

Research on the Functionalist Principles of Intelligence

Access the functionalist principles of intelligence to manage the development of binary actions

Social Behavior

Research on the Functionalist Principles of Social Behavior

Access the functionalist principles that define the functionality of social, economic, and ideological behavior

Business Behavior

Research on the Functionalist Principles of Business Behavior

Access the functionalist principles of businesses, their functions, and processes

The Academic Arm

Unicist Corporate University in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Access the academic arm that provides programs to manage the functionalist principles in business processes

The Business Arm

Unicist Confederation: A Collaborative Partnering Approach

Access the business arm that provides and installs functionalist technologies in businesses

The Information Technology Arm

Unicist Intelligent Systems with Adaptive AutomationUnicist Intelligent Systems

Access the IT systems, applications and cobots that use functionalist principles, unicist logic and Unicist AI

A Sharing Space

Unicist Collaboration Center: A Sharing Space

Access the collaboration center profiting from the use of functionalist principles and binary actions

Unicist Library

Unicist Library of Functional Knowledge & Functionalist Principles

Access the social, economic, and business functionalist principles to build binary actions

Unicist School

Fostering Constructivism using Functionalist Principles

Access the non-profit activities we are developing to foster personal, social, and economic evolution

Virtual Testing Lab

Virtual Testing Lab

Access the space where the unicist developments and technologies can be experienced

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