Unicist Tweetinar on ACOs and Patient Centered Management

Accountable Care Organizations are, among other aspects, a way to introduce Patient Centered Management in the healthcare business.

unicist patient centered organizationThe basics of medicine are patient centered. That is why the regulation of the activity focusing on patients is just a back to basics. Patient Centered Management is an object driven solution to structure patient orientation.

Electronic Patient Records are the paradigmatic sign of this approach. Electronic Healthcare records are their natural complement in order to include the aspects that deal with the diseases that are being considered.

Electronic Medical Records, being focused on medical activity, allow putting this patient orientation into action.

The EMR that are being fostered are the natural step to start with a structured patient orientation.

There will be a (one hour) Unicist Tweetinar on June 13 at 10:00 am (Eastern Time) on the ontology of Patient Centered Management and its integration in a system including EMR, EHR, EPR. It will be developed at http://www.twitter.com/unicistontology