Unicist strategy: Business growth has no shortcuts

The development of growth strategies requires dealing with the specific reality of the market based on its characteristics and following the steps to influence it.

Unicist Market ExpansionThe specific culture of a market is what defines the context to develop a strategy. This means that growth always implies respecting the habits of a market and presenting innovations that are attractive to them.

This means that successful innovations imply “change without changing”. Innovations need to be based on the culture to be accepted.  To do so it is necessary to find which segments of a culture are adequate for the proposal that is being made.

Once the segments are found and described it is necessary to confirm that the image of the business has the necessary attribute to work as a catalyst for the value proposition.

If the image does not have the value attributes it is necessary to develop the image until it works.

The marketing mix can be defined only after the image has the necessary energy to influence the market. After the marketing mix has proven its functionality the sales technique needs to be defined.

This process varies depending on the characteristics of the market. Massive products, functional products and ethical products require structurally different approaches.

This process needs to have pilot tests and recycling processes until the functionality of the strategy has been proven.

Shortcuts necessarily drive towards survival strategies.