The pathway from Analogical Thinking to Operational Thinking

Foundation-building is the bridge between analogical thinking and operational thinking.

Unicist Ontology of FoundationsThe approach to external reality in businesses requires the use of analogical thinking. The recognition of an external reality requires projecting on it the internal image one has.

External facts become “UFOs” if one has no internal image to project. This projection comes from the use of analogical thinking which happens spontaneously and unconsciously.

Individual’s thinking process begins when the individual is able to analyze the unconscious perception made by his analogical thinking process and is able to change it after having recognized the subjective aspects s/he deposited on the external fact.

If this projection remains unchanged the individual unavoidable needs to enter in the “stagnated survivor ethics” in order to benefit from the environment exerting the necessary and justified power to obtain benefits without generating value. Ignorance generates stagnated survivors.

Understanding the foundations of reality is what allows moving from analogical to operational thinking. The technical-analytical knowledge is what allows building reasonable, provable and understandable foundations.

People who are installed in stagnant survivor ethics cannot deal with foundation building. They always have a justification to avoid acquiring the necessary knowledge.

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