The building of efficacy in Healthcare Management

Unicist efficacy is defined as the capacity of individuals to produce results in a responsible way.

The fundamentals of work programmingIt implies the production of results having assumed the responsibility for producing them. This is convenient when managing administrative systems because it minimizes the cost of controlling the activity.

But efficacy is necessary when dealing with adaptive systems, because the individual needs to be able to adapt to the changes of the environment.

Individuals need to have the necessary internal knowledge to assume the responsibility for results. This internal knowledge is called “intrapersonal program”. It means that the individual knows what to do and is aware of the changes in the environment.

The work processes have to be designed providing the necessary programs to solve problems and to deal with the technical knowledge that is needed.

The workstation design defines the possibility of individuals to exert their efficacy. Investing in workstation design implies improving the possibilities of growth for the company and the quality of life of their members.