Unicist Decision Making

What is Unicist Decision Making?

Unicist decision making is a conscious process of an individual or group where the justifications and foundations of possible action alternatives are evaluated to make a decision. It is focused on ensuring that the objectives are possible and not only probable.

The unicist double dialectical approach allows integrating the justifications of the purpose that needs to be achieved, with the justifications of the necessary actions, integrating them with their foundations to ensure the accuracy of the decision.

The dualistic approach hinders the integration of justifications and foundations, dividing the process into an independent analysis of the “what for” of the actions to be decided and the “why” the actions will produce the expected results.

The dualistic decision making process drives decisions into a voluntaristic, rationalistic or subjective context. This tends to produce paradoxical results and the need to have scapegoats for their consequences.

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