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Functionalist Approach

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Healthcare Cobots to Manage Relationships with Patients

Unicist Healthcare Cobots are collaborative robots that use unicist logic or unicist AI to manage the relationship with patients. This allows sustaining a relationship with patients based on their characteristics and needs.

The building of cobots to manage patients simplifies the maintenance of the relationship with patients and simultaneously allows delivering value to them. These cobots are based on the unicist conceptual segmentation of the patients based on their functional needs.

They are based on the use of Unicist AI that manages the fundamentals of the patients that is inferred from the information included in the EHR or EMR, which allows approaching the needs of individual patients. The development of these cobots is based on the logic behind curing and healing functions.

The building of these cobots requires integrating a team of physicians who are interested in developing a program that fosters health while it sustains the relationship with patients.

The operation of cobots begins by entering at a conceptual communication level and refining the focus of communication based on the feedback from the patients. These cobots are analogous to the Didactibots that help to manage the learning process of graduate students.

Request the document on the “Functionality of Healthcare Cobots“.

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