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Hackers implant Business Viruses in Organizations

Business Hackers are individuals who need to implant business viruses in institutions in order to demonstrate that they are able to dominate them.

unicist ontology of business hackersThey tend to do everything in their way disregarding the use of established methods, procedures and taxonomies to achieve goals.

To introduce viruses they propose short-cuts to achieve profit. Their success is achieved when their proposal is accepted by the greed of their counterparts.

Their butterfly behavior is sustained by conjunctual justifications and the exertion of power. They might use active power or the power of inaction.

Their destruction goal is integrated by envy which is driven by greed and jealousy. They use greed to profit from the environment at a materialistic or emotional level while they feel jealous of the power the organization has.

They are fulfilled when the organizational goals become degraded. They justify their actions by believing and saying that the organization is not such because it could not resist their actions. They are homologous to “computer hackers”.

Inhibiting and entropy-inhibiting unicist business objects are the anti-viruses needed to neutralize their actions.

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Reliability is the core of results oriented management

unicist results driven managementBusiness management has two possible roles: the role of being responsible for results or the role of being responsible for tasks.

As businesses need to behave as adaptive systems, it is necessary that all those who are in charge of business units assume the responsibility for results.

Results driven managers need to be basically reliable. They have to be reliable for the clients, the stakeholders and for the members of the organization.

To be reliable they need to have assumed the responsibility for results considering them possible and ensuring their achievement.

But reliability is shown in everyday actions. Only doers enjoy developing the necessary actions to achieve goals.

Therefore, results driven managers need to be reliable, having assumed the responsibility for results, and need to be doers in their field of action.