Institutionalization of Entrepreneurial Companies

The Institutionalization of a business requires having transcendent goals that guide the activity of the organization.

Unicist Entrepreneurial InstitutionalizationEntrepreneurial organizations have an approach to business that is centrally driven by the goals of the entrepreneurs.

It has been demonstrated that institutionalization is the key to growth. Therefore, institutionalization is a basic condition for the expansion of entrepreneurial businesses.

The natural path towards the institutionalization of entrepreneurs is installing in the company the goal of building the monetary value of the company itself. This implies that the company needs to have a value that does not depend on the participation of the entrepreneur.

Company-value is the first step for entrepreneurial institutionalization.

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Talent Development in Healthcare, paradox of gifted minds

Unicist Talent DevelopmentA gifted person has superior functional intelligences (*).
That means that the individual’s intelligences are:
a) functional to a specific value generating process
b) superior than average people’s.

(*) Kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, mathematical intelligences are just examples of functional intelligence.

The paradox is that when gifted people work in an environment where their functional intelligences are irrelevant, they naturally enter in a superiority complex creating a parallel reality to sustain their dominating position. This generates lack of value generation and endless power games promoted by the person who needs to sustain a dominating role.

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Diana Belohlavek