Syntony, harmony and melody in the evolution of businesses

The Unicist Standard deals with the evolution of businesses considering that it is necessary to produce a “change without changing”.

unicist organizational stabilityThis is not a paradox. It means that the effective changes in organizations have to happen without changing the nature of an organization. The nature of organizations doesn’t change, what can be changed is the way the nature of a business deals with the adaptive process in a market.

Organizations are stable when they have achieved an “organizational consonance”. This implies that their purposes are syntonic with the environment, their concepts are harmonic with the beliefs of their market and their actions are melodic, following their potential clients needs.

Organizations evolve when an organizational consonance doesn’t produce the necessary results for shareholders, stakeholders and the company itself. But the change has to happen within the limits of the natural harmony of the business.

In plain language: if there is an external need for change, produce it using the instruments you have and help people to learn the new melodies that need to be used.