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Objects make research safer and more objective

“Objects” technology is an upgrade in the World of research. It implies that one can establish which parts of the research and past research can be used again.

Research has a goal of discovering causal relationships at some time, but above all it seeks to build sound knowledge that can be accepted and used by all.

The organization of research projects by objects enables – departing and “arriving” at sound knowledge – a significant reduction in the cost of the projects, as well as a higher fulfillment rate of the plans made.

The first thing we should do is define what an object is from a conceptual point of view. An object is an entity that has an implied, extrinsic concept that adds value to a process and with quality assurance interwoven with the object itself.

This definition is ambiguous and complex to understand without an example to explain it.

We can state that a research protocol is an object whose concept is defined by that which is to be researched, to the extent that the steps and instructions listed in the protocol enable the posed hypotheses to be confirmed or rejected. We can state then that the “protocol” object has added value.

Finally, the implementation of the research protocol, that is, carry out the clinical research from an operational/experimental point of view, is that which confirms or rejects the hypotheses originally posed. Every correctly designed protocol meets these criteria.

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Diego  Glancszpigel

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