Learning from Procter & Gamble using the Unicist Standard

The notorious capacity of Procter & Gamble is given by the way it manages the social insertion of innovations.

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Innovation is the basis for economic growth.  Essentially, countries, cultures, institutions, and individuals grow only in the fields where they are open to innovations.

The purpose of innovation is to overcome scarcity. That is why only people or cultures that have the will, find the way to overcome scarcity.  This is the cultural context that fosters innovation.

The driver of innovation is human creation. The word creation is used in the sense of recreation. Humans create based on the existing energy.

The maximal strategy of innovations drives towards the solution of a scarcity. Therefore innovative organizations have the perception that they add value to the environment. But this is only true if the minimum strategy is also fulfilled.

The minimum strategy implies inserting the innovations into the social capital of the environment. Social capital is defined by the strength of the bonds that integrate the members of a community.

Commercial innovations need to be only one step ahead of the habits of the environment. If they are more than one step ahead they fail, unless there is an extreme need and they are, implicitly, a “back to basics”.

In this field Procter & Gamble is a notorious benchmark.

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Diana Belohlavek
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