Career Development: Personal Empowerment in Business

One of the core aspects to be considered when developing people is to understand how they approach work.

Unicist Fundamentals of Personal Roles at Work

There are people who work because they feel the vocation to work and there are people who work because they need to work.

The difference between both attitudes defines the roles individuals can assume at work.

Efficacy is defined as the integration of individuals’ identity with their roles, the identity with the task and the knowledge individuals have.

Roles are driven by what individuals want to be, what they do, how they need to appear and the power they need to exert.

Career development implies considering each person’s real driver at work. Doers are naturally vocation driven and followers are naturally need driven. Doers are focused on producing things and followers are focused on their needs.

Choosing the right people for the right jobs allows integrating them in an organization that empowers people while producing successful business.

While need driven work suffices in stable businesses, vocations need to prevail when growth is the goal.

Diana Belohlavek