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Business Growth: How business miracles work

Human miracles occur when an extraordinary achievement has been accomplished by a man or a woman.

Business MiraclesA miracle can be defined as: an unexpected event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent.

Business miracles are in fact unexpected turning points in a business producing extremely desired and necessary results.

While developing solutions in Unicist Market Labs we have witnessed several business miracles. All these miracles have the same fundamental structure:

1) There is a “crowd” (group) with extreme needs.
There is a spontaneous massive behavior of the crowd (group). They behave as a mass of believers in something or someone.
The solution is implicit in the crowd’s behavior.
There is a leader who is able to discover the solution in the crowd’s behavior and make it happen.

The leaders  appear as magical, but in fact their magic is their extreme ethical behavior that allows them understanding the needs, read the solution and make it happen.

Individualism, rationalism and human complexes are the main inhibitors of business miracles.

An example of a business miracle is Apple after the return of Steve Jobs in 1997.

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