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Building Corporate Universities as Unicist Business Objects

In-company Corporate Universities are an extremely powerful business object to promote growth and measurable monetary results.

Originally, they were derived from academic and training activities providing know-how to the members of organizations. But some differentiated technological companies began to use them also to expand their businesses. Thus Corporate Universities began to work as business objects.

The Unicist Research Institute developed Corporate Universities as business objects, integrating the three objects that define their functionality:
1)    The driving object for know-how transfer
2)    The catalyzing object to accelerate actions in the market
3)    The gravitational object to structure authoritative differentiation in the market

The driving object needs to be developed in operational/analytical language in order to deal with the business operation.

The catalyzing object needs to be developed in analytical/scientific language in order to deal with the innovative technology that is behind the operation.

The gravitational object needs to be developed in conceptual language in order to deal with the nature that underlies a business.

The lack of know-how defines the need for the driving function. This function becomes unnecessary as soon as the know-how has been acquired.

It has to be considered that innovation sustains the use of social catalysts and catalyzing objects. The catalyzing effect disappears when an innovation has been adopted by the environment. Therefore, catalysts need to be replaced when they are “worn out”.

Gravitational objects are stable because the essential aspects of businesses imply an endless discovering process.

Power and knowledge have an extremely conflictive relationship. That is why Corporate Universities are contraindicated for power centered businesses.

We want to remark that In-Company Corporate Universities designed as Business Objects have to be learning and not teaching centered.

(Based on the research on In-company Corporate Universities)

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