Building and Sustaining Healthcare Business Positioning

The culture of a company defines its positioning in the market, and the work procedures of a business are the observable elements of that culture.

unicist process design2Business positioning defines who the peers of the company are and who should be the members of the organization.

The purpose of organizational cultural design is to ensure that the habits of the company are consistent with the market of the business. These habits are observable in the work procedures and are sustained by the beliefs of the members of the organization.

Cultural change is necessary when businesses extend their markets. The larger the markets are, the higher the level of programming of the work procedures of the businesses and the more adaptive they have to be.

The reliability of work processes has to be ensured when organizations expand their critical mass to influence the market. This increase of reliability implies that the expansion processes demand adjusting the procedures.

Adapting work procedures allows influencing the culture of an organization putting a higher level of work ethics into action.