Benchmarking: Is the Unicist Standard a Rolls-Royce?

Last week, TURI’s Marketing Manager said “…the Unicist Standard is a Rolls-Royce car” provoking a harsh response of a Unicist Business Search Engine user.

This generated the need of clarifying what a Rolls-Royce is, and if dealing with the nature of businesses, to diagnose, develop future scenarios, build strategies and design organizations based on the unicist theory of evolution, is essentially analogous or not.

If you Google “unicist theory of evolution” or “unicist ontology of evolution” you will find access to all the information you need.

The questions we are posing to be able to understand Rolls-Royce’s benchmarks are:

1) What is it that it offers?
2) Why is it homologous to the Unicist Standard?
3) What other analogous cases are there in the market?

Listening to Rolls-Royce’s presentation is strongly recommended:

Please reflect on the presentation to go beyond the appearance of the products and the pre-concepts you might have.

The Unicist Research Institute researched the Rolls-Royce market 15 year ago in order to discover its ontological structure and develop homologous strategies in other markets.

In two weeks you will be able to access the answer on this blog.

Access the unicist standard contained in the Unicist Business Search Engine:

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NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the major research organization in the world in its specialty based on more than 3,000 researches in complexity science applied to individual, institutional and social evolution.

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