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Availability is the core value for professional evolution

Availability is what makes the difference between a high-rank military and a low-rank officer. It is the driver for reliability. When availability lacks reliability cannot exist.

unicist availabilityIt requires having a giving attitude in order to feel the pleasure of being available without suffering the stress of an imposed duty.

When the giving attitude is there, availability begins to exist. It requires the integration of empathy and aesthetics. Empathy is necessary to be able to introject others’ needs.

Aesthetics is necessary to complete the need of others in a desirable and harmonic way.

As researches demonstrated empathy has genetic aspects, but it also has trainable aspects.

We strongly recommend training empathy in order to expand the possibilities given by the consequent increase of availability and reliability.

We recommend entering the Unicist Reflection methodology. A first approach can be the understanding of the “Actors Method” you can find at: