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Unicist Cobot Building in the 4IR

Cobots are collaborative robots that are based on human-robot interaction. They have been used for
decades in the industrial field and the unicist functionalist approach enabled introducing them in the
rest of the business processes. They are extremely valuable to introduce adaptability and customer
orientation in business processes. Google is an example of a Cobot.

The business application of Cobots became possible due to the development of the fundamentals-based
AI and of the binary actions that ensure the generation of results.
In business, there are two possible uses of Cobots:

1) As part of the backward integration, to sustain decision processes
2) As part of the forward integration, to transform decisions into actions


There are 4 basic application fields of Cobots:
1) Industrial application
2) Marketing application
3) Managerial application
4) Operational application

The use of concepts and fundamentals allowed managing the functionality of business processes and
enabled the development of collaborative robots to provide the resources – including functional
knowledge- that are needed to manage business processes. They interact with people to ensure the
functionality of processes and the generation of results.


Business Cobots enhance efficacy. According to their use, they include different levels of adaptability. Based on their functionality, there are different types of Cobots:

  1. Research Cobots
  2. Diagnosing Cobots
  3. Design Cobots
  4. Solution Building Cobots
  5. Business Objects Building Cobots
  6. Operational Cobots

    The first version of these cobots, 5 Click Strategy, was developed in 2012 and was followed by the development of interactive expert systems that were upgraded to Cobots to provide them to the market.

Diego Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) has been the world leader in its segment since 1976.