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Beyond Medicine: the Fallacy of Organs and Chronic Diseases

The homology between the fallacies of organs and the human “mental” fallacies is presented based on the research on the unicist ontology of fallacies and their functionality.

Fallacies of OrgansThe human body can be considered as a paradigmatic complex system that needs to be approached as such in order to influence it. As nature is organized by interdependent objects it can be also considered that the human body is integrated by objects and processes that allow humans to be alive.

This work provides the fundamentals to understand the essential structure that underlies fallacies and their functionality whatever their origin.

The unicist ontology of fallacies and a particular case of the fallacies of organs will be introduced following a synthetic description on the fallacious behavior of the kidneys and its consequences in the human body.

It can be defined that the human body is composed by object-organs that are integrated in processes, are interdependent with other objects and have a semiautonomous integrated behavior.

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