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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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The Intelligence Quotient only measures dualistic logic

Our work and research with gifted people, having an IQ above 130 drove to the conclusion that this gift allows adapting to aspects of reality that can be managed with dualistic logic. Gifted people are extremely successful when dealing with dualistic environments solving systemic problems.

But, on the other hand, they tend to generate fallacious behaviors when they are forced to enter into complex adaptive systems if they do not have the skills for developing action-reflection-action processes. In this context these processes allow apprehending the nature of complex systems in order to be able to manage them.

These individuals tend to use systemic palliatives to avoid dealing with complexity (such as: statistics, analogies, etc.). What allows them to deal with complexity is their level of ontointelligence, which includes their type of thought, their strategic intelligence and their ethical intelligence.

The problem with many high IQ individuals is that their gift is also their handicap. And this “handicap” hinders their reflection capacity unless they are able to use conceptual thinking and have a value adding ethical intelligence to approach reality.

The conclusion is that an extreme high IQ is not an advantage to deal with complex adaptive systems such as businesses. It is a gift to manage the systemic aspects of processes but it is a handicap to deal with the adaptive aspects.

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Dualistic logic is functional to deal with systemic problems but drives to “aprioristic” fallacies when dealing with complex problems. The IQ allows managing dualistic logic to deal with systemic problems and ontointelligence allows managing the double dialectical logic to solve complex problems.

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