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Functionalist Approach

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Healthcare business: Unicist Virtual Selling Platform

Time for using the power of Internet has come. The virtual selling platform is now available after almost three years of global applications that ensure its effectiveness.

High value, ethical or innovative products and services can now be sold using “Unicist 3D emulators” that allow prospects to participate actively, be able to truly experience a commercial proposal and make a pre-decision.

The use of emulators is followed by an object driven marketing process that allows the potential customer to confirm her/his decision or reopen new alternatives.

The core of the success of the platform is the use of sales catalysts and entropy inhibitors in the buying process.

The catalysts are based on the knowledge of the conceptual structure of the solution that is provided and the entropy inhibitor is the micro-segmentation of the potential clients in order to cover their particular needs.

These concepts and micro-segments are part of the solutions included in the Unicist Market-Lab that sustains the virtual selling platform. We want to point out that this technology can be easily managed by any sales-pro.

Request more information at: malvaro(at)unicist.net

This technology is now available as part of the Unicist Marketing Platforms. To learn about the unicist marketing technologies we recommend accessing the Unicist Library: www.unicist.com