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Metaphors are figurative language to build consensus

The purpose of figurative communication is to achieve true consensus which means achieving a rational, emotional and conceptual consensus.

Achieving true consensus requires solving the conflicts which might be driven by interests, needs, beliefs, lack of knowledge, etc.

Metaphors are universal descriptions using analogous examples at a more general field that allow understanding the message that is being communicated.

Metaphors have only one functional interpretation that ensures that the communication is true. Metaphors are necessary to work with complex problems at an operational level.

The metaphors used by the extreme programming methodology show an example of their use. Metaphors focus on the operation of what is being communicated.

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Global Expansion of the Unicist Confederation

September 23, the 35th equinox of The Unicist Research Institute, was chosen to be the day for the launching of the new stage which consists of the worldwide multiplication of the Unicist Confederation. We invite you to toast on September 23, at 7:00 pm New York time (sharp).

The launching of the collection for business architecture is what allows now the participation of clients in the field of the businesses of the Unicist Confederation:

The next stage is the final structural stage. The following stages will deal with conjunctural aspects.

Finally we are, in the Unicist Confederation business, where we needed to be. I would like to make a synthesis of the next business growth period.

Our goal is to build corporate partnerships with the major clients. That is what will expand the business. We will start dealing with 40 corporations. Partnerships are only possible between peers. This is what TURI, the Unicist Confederation and the Unicist Corporate University are about.

We have the major gravitational force that can be available for a business, which is the research of The Unicist Research Institute (4,100 until September), which continues growing.

We also have a live gravitational force which is Peter Belohlavek who might be one of the major scientists in the history of humanity because of the depth of his discoveries and the width of his research in complexity sciences. The discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, the unicist ontology of evolution and human ontointelligence are a demonstration of the depth of the researches that changed the world forever.

The Unicist Business Architecture is now the participative bridge between science and business, it allows everyone to influence with a grounded or groundless opinion.

From now on Peter Belohlavek will be only participating as a scientist to sustain the Unicist Confederation.

We have to become world leaders in the commercial field in six months using the power of the technologies applied to business expansion (including both growth and improvement). March 2012 is the deadline. It has to be the demonstration of an “avalanche”.

Considering the ontology of growth that is in the book of the Crisis 2008, we can say that we have all what is needed to “multiply”. Growth is the most difficult problem to be solved in business. That is why we are there, and the unicist research found the solution for it.

We invite you to toast and participate in the new stage.

Installing an expansion-model in the Healthcare Industry

The expansion of businesses implies expanding their vital space. This requires having both a growth ethics and a growth ideology.

In order to grow, healthcare businesses need to have the capacity to expand the boundaries with a strong patient-orientation and need to be able to develop a competitive advantage that has to be perceived by the market.

Growth is based on an attitude, which is what appears on the surface of the integration of growth ethics and growth ideology.

Growth is an attitude that is perceived, in most of the cultures, as a taboo. Therefore, it needs to be justified with an additional value generation for the market and for the coming generations.

Installing an expansion-model requires a leader who represents this growth ethics and ideology and is able to transform them into operational procedures. This leader has to be strong because s/he has to overcome the opposition of the conservatives who will try to avoid the expansion of the business in order to sustain their comfort zone.

Healthcare business: Unicist Virtual Selling Platform

Time for using the power of Internet has come. The virtual selling platform is now available after almost three years of global applications that ensure its effectiveness.

High value, ethical or innovative products and services can now be sold using “Unicist 3D emulators” that allow prospects to participate actively, be able to truly experience a commercial proposal and make a pre-decision.

The use of emulators is followed by an object driven marketing process that allows the potential customer to confirm her/his decision or reopen new alternatives.

The core of the success of the platform is the use of sales catalysts and entropy inhibitors in the buying process.

The catalysts are based on the knowledge of the conceptual structure of the solution that is provided and the entropy inhibitor is the micro-segmentation of the potential clients in order to cover their particular needs.

These concepts and micro-segments are part of the solutions included in the Unicist Market-Lab that sustains the virtual selling platform. We want to point out that this technology can be easily managed by any sales-pro.

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This technology is now available as part of the Unicist Marketing Platforms. To learn about the unicist marketing technologies we recommend accessing the Unicist Library: