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Ontological approach to Electronic Health Records

The approach to EMR/EHR needs to include both administrative and adaptive aspects in order to work as a driver for patient oriented healthcare.

We strongly recommend accessing the paper on the adaptive aspects of EHR prepared by Lowell Vizenor, Barry Smith and Werner Ceusters representing:

1. Institute of Formal Ontology and Information Science, University of Saarbrücken, Germany
2. University at Buffalo, Department of Philosophy, Buffalo, New York, USA
3. European Institute for Ontological Research, Saarbrücken, Germany

“Despite the recent advances in information and communication technology that have increased our ability to store and circulate information, the task remains of ensuring that the right sorts of information reach the right sorts of people.

In what follows we defend the thesis that efforts to develop efficient means for sharing information across healthcare systems and organizations would benefit from a careful analysis of human action in healthcare organizations, and that the communication of healthcare information and knowledge needs to rest on a sound ontology of social interaction.

We illustrate this thesis in relation to the HL7 RIM, which is one centrally important tool for communication in the healthcare domain.”

Access the complete paper at:

Learn about the trend of ontology based solutions for businesses at: