Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

EMR/EHR and Cloud Computing drive Continuous Improvement

Unicist Pre-diagnoses have been launched to give the Healthcare Industry access to an approach to evaluate the possibilities of value generating improvements.

unicist_emr-ehrThe Unicist Pre-diagnostics System allows dealing with the fundamentals of Hospitals and Clinics in order to define the possibilities for the development of stable value generating improvements.

Electronic Healthcare Records Systems are adaptive systems that integrate the feed-back, learning, decision support and information systems.

EMR/EHRs work as catalysts to introduce improvements in the work-processes.

The integration of their adaptive functions allows introducing changes while their use is upgraded. The use of cloud computing becomes necessary in order to take full advantage of their characteristics.

The Unicist Pre-diagnostics System has been designed to develop intuitive pre-diagnoses to define the possibilities of a project or actions in a participative way. The pre-diagnoses are developed in Unicist Pre-diagnostics Groups using Unicist Algorithms in an intuitive way.