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Functionalist Approach

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Dealing with the need to evolve

Parallel realities become a need when individuals cannot deal with their own evolution.

Parallel realities are imaginary situations installed beyond the real world that are built upon fallacious beliefs or needs. Fallacies are functional to humans. Individual fallacies reduce personal energy consumption, and fallacious utopias ensure the perception that something useful will be done.

While utopias function as action drivers, fallacious utopias function as empty “action promises”. Fundamentalism, considered as an objective characteristic an individual needs to survive, requires “living” in a parallel world to avoid self-perception.

To build this parallel world individuals use their projection capacity to deposit on the environment what they need to perceive in order to feel comfortable.

Addictions, the natural response to hopelessness

Addictions are a natural response to an uncertain environment in which a person feels hopeless, impotent and without identity.

When these conditions are given, individuals enter the shelter of addictions.

Addictions have a secondary benefit to help people to deal with hate, anxiety, illusions and guilt. Addictions help to deal with these self-destructive feeling in a paradoxical way. While the individual is installed in the parallel world he feels fulfilled, but, after he returns to the real world, he feels worse than before and the need for addictive stimuli rises.

Addictions are infinite. The more unbalanced an individual is, the “heavier” the addictions he adopts.

Considering the level of self-destruction or destruction four segments can be characterized:

1) Pleasure addictions: providing instants of extreme pleasure.
2) Rational/spiritual addictions: providing sensation of absolute empowerment.
3) Suicidal addictions: providing the power of “dancing” beyond human limits.
4) Terrorist addictions: providing the power of feeling God.

Liberation from guilt: A business as old as humanity

Individuals feel guilty if they cannot overcome what they have inherited.

Guilt corrodes humans’ physical, psychological and spiritual health. Therefore “the liberation of guilt” has been a business that existed since mankind exists. It has been  run from witchdoctors to psychologists.

Psychology opened a new perspective to human health. But it also settled the groundings of extreme individualism. The western hemisphere jumped from a sanctification of parents to blaming them for all the problems individuals have.

The reading of Diana Belohlavek’s book on Talent development is strongly recommended.

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