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Talent Development in Healthcare, paradox of gifted minds

Unicist Talent DevelopmentA gifted person has superior functional intelligences (*).
That means that the individual’s intelligences are:
a) functional to a specific value generating process
b) superior than average people’s.

(*) Kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, mathematical intelligences are just examples of functional intelligence.

The paradox is that when gifted people work in an environment where their functional intelligences are irrelevant, they naturally enter in a superiority complex creating a parallel reality to sustain their dominating position. This generates lack of value generation and endless power games promoted by the person who needs to sustain a dominating role.

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Diana Belohlavek

Unicist Business Search Engine Upgrade – Healthcare cybernetics – Access it now

The UBSE has been upgraded. It will include the necessary cases to help users to develop business diagnoses.

This includes the necessary models to develop fundamental diagnoses for small, midsize and large businesses.

These  are real cases that have been done using external public information with the exception of  The Unicist Research Institute’s Market and Organizational Laboratories.

They are now available in English and there will be models  available in Portuguese and Spanish within the next 30 days.

You can find more information at the Unicist Business Search Engine:

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Diego Belohlavek
Expert System Manager

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