Crisis, drugs and addictions 3

The structural global crisis in the world fosters individuals to enter in a parallel world to avoid their feelings of uncertainty, impotence, hopelessness and atopia (unicist term to define personal “inexistence”).
Therefore the conditions that drive individuals to face reality based on addictive behavior are given.

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The impotence to do what is needed is the catalyst for addictive behavior.

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This ontology was researched and developed in the eighties in order to find a way to avoid individuals entering in the world of addictions.
It was applied in what was called “Opportunities for youth”, and was developed as a non-profit activity for several years (1989-1992).

The program consisted in helping people to find opportunities to develop their talents in the market.

The crisis

Many people lost or will lose money, jobs and/or hope because of this crisis. The sooner they take losses the faster the need of escapism towards a parallel reality will vanish.

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Beginning with sleeping pills and ending with heavy drugs, all is “justified” when an addictive context is installed.

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Ontology based technologies are the natural antidote to parallel realities. They are based on permanent validation in the real world. That is why they cannot be grasped by fundamentalists.

The reading of the book Fundamentalism – The ethic of survivors is recommended to understand the responses to the crisis.

Drugs and addictions

Drugs and addictions appear to be justified for those who are losers in this crisis. But they increase the negative effects of the crisis because they provoke the building of parallel realities expecting others to solve the crisis.

This situation stimulates us to relaunch the talent development program for young people in order to empower them, helping them to define their role in the world, fostering the belief that they depend on themselves and providing hope sustaining the position of authorities.

Talent Development Program

The Talent Development Program has been upgraded and relaunched today by the Goodwill Network as part of our non-profit activities to foster “equal opportunities for all” in a Global environment.

To access the program please enter:

Executive Committee


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