Behind Darwin – The Unicist Ontology of Evolution of Peter Belohlavek

The discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature made by Peter Belohlavek gave meaning to the word “evolution”. That is why it is behind Darwin and all those who dealt with evolution. But it doesn’t intend to explain the origin, just the evolution. The unicist ontology of evolution unveiled the nature of evolution. It covers from the evolution of living beings to the evolution of cultures. The ontological structure of evolution and the evolution laws discovered set the basis for grounded forecasts. It describes the ontological logical structure of human evolution and its deeds.

The Unicist Ontology of EvolutionThe Unicist Ontology of Evolution is an approach to nature’s “operational system”. It describes the metamodel of nature which is abstract, fuzzy and law-driven.
The discovery of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature set the foundations for the natural evolution laws that changed the paradigms in the understanding of human nature. Ontogenetic intelligence of nature provides the basic rules to adapt to an environment. It sustains the living being’s unstable equilibrium. When, for any reasons, the ontogenetic intelligence is inhibited, the living being loses its equilibrium and its survival is endangered.
The unicist ontology of evolution explains and predicts the evolution of living beings, their produces and their actions in a unified field, ruled by concepts and their natural laws.
The research of the unicist ontology of evolution did not enter the field of the origin of life or the origin of the universe. The purpose of the research was to discover the origin of the rules of evolution, to diagnose and influence it.
The development of this theory started in 1976 and ended in 2003 with the discovery of the origin of fallacies. Fallacies have been and remain a major obstacle to overcome for the understanding of institutions, countries and individuals.
The discovery of the unicist laws of evolution opened new frontiers in the field of diagnoses and prognoses of individuals, institutions and countries by using logical inference models.
This theory enables the analysis of and influence upon complex realities. Its reliability has been proven in its application during the last three decades.

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